Why is liquid ballasting done in tires?

Sometimes, your tractor needs extra weight to improve traction in severe conditions or to reduce tire slippage.
When adding weight, it is necessary to lower the centre of gravity, at the same time, to ensure stability.
Adding tire fluids helps in gaining more traction weight and an increased counterbalance. It lowers the centre of gravity of the vehicle and so reduces the possibility of tipping.

What are the must do’s for storing tires?

  1. Store clean and dry tires
  2. Store the tires in a cool and dry place indoors
  3. Protect the tires from sunlight, heat and liquids – also frost
  4. Don't store the tires in the same room with ozone-generating machines
  5. Upright position is the best. If the tires are mounted on rims, store them stacked. Reduce inflation pressure first.

Can tires be stored outdoors?

Outdoors is not good for storing tires.Avoid any place that could get hot or wet,or too cold.

What are the Top things to remember while inflating tires?

  1. Check that the tire is correctly mounted and the beads are in the right positions
  2. Use a safety cage
  3. Use safety goggles, safety shoes and safety earmuffs
  4. Use inflation guns with a minimum 5 m long extension tube
  5. See the inflation pressure recommendations in your tire manufacturer's manual
  6. Never stand in front of the wheel!

What if the vehicle is seldom used?

If the vehicle is not used for a long time, the rubber of its tires may crack more quickly than if they were frequently run. Make sure that there is no extra load on the tires and keep them away from direct sunlight. Cracking of the sidewall rubber indicates aging and must be checked by tire professionals.

How can I make sure that the tire achieves its planned service time?

Cuts, cracks, punctures or other damages certainly have their effects on the tire's service time, but the most common causes for premature tire wear are more mundane - and avoidable. These are: running them at the wrong pressures, operating in poor conditions, and having incorrect wheel alignment.

What should I do if the tire pressure suddenly drops?

Try to find out the cause of the pressure drop. If the tube is leaking slowly, have the tire immediately fixed in order to avoid more damage.

Ozone is harmful to the tire. I store my tires indoors, can they still be affected by ozone?

Yes, they can! Keep your tires away from electric motors, central vacuums or any machinery that can generate ozone.

In farming, when should R1s be used? When should R1W’s be used?

R1 tires are a good option if the conditions are mostly dry, whereas R1W tires – deeper than R1 – serve better in marginal soil where moisture content is greater. These tires offer the best transfer of your tractor's power in the field.

What materials go into making a tire?

Myriad ingredients including different kinds of natural and synthetic rubber, fillers, plastifiers, chemical additives and reinforcements – over 200 raw materials in total – are mixed in giant blenders to create a homogenized compound. Each material contributes certain properties to the compound, such as top performance, traction, safety and sustainability.

Other ingredients like steel and fabric also go into making the tire.