Our Quality Principles

Circle meeting

Few Unique Features of CEAT Specialty

“First time Right” Theme of Manufacturing Process

Our Quality Policy is oriented to the customer and our purpose is “Making mobility safer and smarter. Everyday”. All processes of CEAT are aligned to the Quality Based Management (QBM) way that incorporates the best of all quality practices from Quality Philosophies of TQM & TPM. At CEAT we ensure that the focus is on customer satisfaction through proactive quality practices that are predictable, stable and capable. These are deployed by empowered and engaged team of employees.




CLIT Activity

Currently we are in advanced preparation stages for challenging the coveted Deming Prize for Quality by Nov.2017. Our manufacturing units are certified for ISO9001, ISO TS16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. CEAT ensures deployment of PDCA in all processes and implementation of engineering controls for preventive quality.