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Storage of tires

An appropriate storage of agricultural tires plays an important part in ensuring safe riding and achieving the tire's anticipated service time. If stored in unsuitable conditions, tires and tubes may suffer premature wear.

If you're planning to store the tires for a shorter or longer period, always clean them first. Tires easily accumulate dirt, dust and road grime. If all that sits on your tires for long, it will damage them permanently.

TOP 4 points to pay attention to:


  • Keep the tires away from direct sunlight. UV rays have a damaging effect so protect the tires from sunlight. Also electric lights should be turned off.


  • Keep the tires away from heat and heated surfaces. An ideal storage temperature is 5-15 'C (40-60' F).

Harmful liquids

  • Avoid any contact with liquids that may deteriorate the rubber, e.g. grease and petrol.

Vertical/horizontal storage

  • Upright storage is the best solution for tires. Standing upright means less stress on the tires. However, if the tires are stored mounted on rims, they should be stored stacked – but do not try to make too high towers!

In horizontal storage:

  • Reduce inflation pressure if the tires are stored mounted on rims.
  • Position the tires lug against lug.
  • Turn the stock over regularly.
  • Check for any moisture inside the tires.

Horizontal storage is not recommended for tubeless tires, exclusive small sizes that can be stored flat for max 6 months.

NOTE! Also ozone is harmful to the tires. Keep your tires away from electric motors, central vacuums or any machinery that can generate ozone.

Tyre care type: