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Looking for rear and front tractor tyres in India? Ceat specialty offers the best tyres for tractor with longer life and superior grip. Visit us to know more!

New tractor tyres in India

Buying a tractor tyre in India without proper market research can be disastrous. And with market research, you are sure to conclude that CEAT tractors tyres are tailor-made for your application. CEAT Tractor tyres offer good load carrying capacity, good grip and higher life. In addition, they offer good puncture protection.


Tractor Tyre Image

Tractor Tyre Size

The standard measurement for a tractor size is written like this : 14.9-28. The first number is the tyre’s width in inches and the second number is the diameter of the rim in inches. In this particular example, the width of the tractor tyre is 14.9 inches and it will fit onto a rim with a diameter of 28 inches. The other way a tractor tyre size is written is in the millimetric format which for example will be 420/85 R28. This tractor tyre will have a width of 420mm, the aspect ratio of 85 and it will sit on a rim that is 28inches in diameter. R here denotes it is a radial tyre.


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How to buy tractor tyre in India

To buy a new tractor tyre in India, you first need to determine the right tractor tyre size. This will be mentioned in the specification sheet of your tractor or can be ready from the marking on the tyre which came fitted with your tractor. Once the tractor front size and the tractor rear size are noted, you can then head to CEAT Specialty to check out the various options available. You can select the one which suits your application the best.


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Tractor tyre price in India

Tractor tyre price depends on the size and type of tractor tyre you are looking for. Tractor front tyre price ranges between Rs 3.000 - Rs 12,000, depending on the tractor tyre size. The tractor rear tyre price is much higher, ranging from Rs 13,000 to Rs 35,000, again depending on the tractor tyre size and pattern

Tractor Tyre Image

Tractor front tyre options in India

Tractor front tyres ensure easy steering. The most important tractor front size is 6.00-16 followed by 7.50-16 and 6.50-16. In the 20-inch rim, we have 6.50-20 as a popular size.

Tractor Tyre Image

Tractor rear tyre size in India

Tractor rear tyres are a lot more important because they are the ones that provide good grip and load carrying capability. The most common tractor rear tyre sizes are 12.4-28,13.6-28,14.9-28 and 16.9-28.

Tractor Tyre Image

Have Questions Related to CEAT Specialty Tyres?


Commonly tractor sizes are mentioned in inches. For example in the tractor size 6.00-16, 6.00 denotes the width of the tractor tyre in inches while 16 represents the rim diameter.

The most common tractor tyre sizes for the tractor front tyre are 6.00-16, 6.50-16, 7.50-16 and 6.50-20. Common tractor tyre sizes for tractor rear tyres are 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28 and 16.9-28

Tractor tyre price for tractor front tyres usually varies between Rs 3000 - Rs 12,000, however, the tractor rear tyres price is higher in comparison, ranging between Rs 13,000 to Rs 35,000.

A good tractor tyre should have high non-skid depth (NSD) that will lead to good grip and high life. Further, the tyre should have good tread width which will lead to higher load carrying capacity.

Please visit to view our entire range of tractor front and rear tyres and locate the dealer closest to you.