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    • Lower Compaction
    • Less crop/ soil damage
    • Better Grip & Lower Vibration
  • SPRAYMAX-Image


    • Higher load carrying capacity
    • Better grip, traction and roadability
    • Longer life
  • YIELDMAX-Image


    • Stubble Resistance
    • Higher Traction & Better Stability
    • Enhanced Roadability & Loadability


    • Better traction and grip
    • Low vibration and larger footprint
    • Reduced soil disturbance


    • Resistant to cut & chipping
    • Good stability & self cleaning
    • Suitable for heavy duty service


    • Excellent traction
    • Higher strength & stability
    • Resistant to chip & tears
  • LOADER PRO-Image


    • Heavy duty service
    • Excellent traction & puncture resistant


    • Stability & load distribution
    • Higher load carrying capacity
    • High resistance to wear, tear and cuts
  • PORT PRO RX-Image


    • Resistance to cut & puncture
    • High load carrying capacity
    • Minimised bead failure
  • PORT XL PLUS-Image


    • Longer service life on concrete surface
    • Resistant to puncture
    • Higher load carrying capacity
  • PORT PRO SL-Image


    • Good traction on paved surfaces
    • Improved penetration & heat resistance
    • Resistant to wear & damage
  • TRAC XL-Image


    • Superior traction and grip
    • Improved stability
    • Excellent durability
  • ROCK XL-Image


    • Superior mileage and durability
    • Improved stability
    • Resistant to cuts & snags
  • SLICK404-Image


    • Superior traction
    • Severe operating conditions

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What’s up!

Sustainability At CEAT Speciality


At CEAT Speciality, we are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business.
We prioritize eco-friendly practices and develop agriculture tyres that reduce environmental impact. Thus, we create a greener future for agriculture. Join us in our mission to cultivate sustainable agriculture and preserve our planet for future generation.


Our Dealers and Customer Testimonials

Real stories, Real results

Real Stories, Real Results

Our Customer Testimonials


Jarad Sage from the USA shares his remarkable experience with CEAT Ag Radials, highlighting their outstanding performance in the field.


Real Stories, Real Results

Our Customer Testimonials


CEAT's Farmax R70 earns high praise from The Italian Farmer, a testament to its remarkable performance in Italy's fields.


Real Stories, Real Results

Our Customer Testimonials


Experience the unmatched performance and reliability of CEAT Specialty tyres through the words of our satisfied customers


Real Stories, Real Results

Our Customer Testimonials


Katherina from Germany shares her exceptional experience with CEAT's Farmax R70 – the ultimate choice for farming excellence


Bombay JCB Earthmovers

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

The entire team of BOMBAY JCB Earthmovers would like to thank CEAT tyres are for conducting the training under the guidance of Rohit Saxena. The Training about CEAT tyre was completed on the premises of BOMBAY JCB EARTHMOVER dated 8 Mar 2016 The training was provided to 30 service engineer team of BOMBAY JCB EARTHMOVER and they are satisfied with the tyre training. The BJCB team has understood the all task by themselves in future. Training also helps service engineers to guide customer to improve tyre life and. Lower down the tyre defects. This training will help us to provide quality service and promoting the CEAT tyre into the market.

Great training given to service engineers.

Dhansar Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Dhanbad, Jharkand

We have 75 Volvos at our Junakunada, Majri Area site in Maharashtra. We have been using 225 nos. of CEAT 12.00R24 TRAC XL tyres in our vehicle at this site. Performance of these tyres is extremely satisfying and this has given better mileage and cost per kilometer than competition.

These tyres have given us better mileage and cost per kilometer compared to competition.

Atlas Copco

Dapoli, Maharashtra

Our association with CEAT Specialty is now in its 4th year. We are pleased to share that the overall performance of CEAT since inception has been very satisfactory including sales & service, attending to issues, on time deliveries, and field complaint resolution. Due to this reason, CEAT is the single source for Atlas Copco road construction equipment tyre- size 23.1-26 8 PR.

Satisfactory sales & service, attends to issues, on time deliveries, and best field complaint resolution.

Cosfield Sales & Services


We’d like to thank CEAT Specialty Tyres team for conducting a training programme in our premises at Nagpur. The programme was attended by 8 of our engineers and proved to be very beneficial to all of them. They are now in a better position to handle customer complaints on tyres and also guide the customers as to improve upon Tyre life.

Thanks to CEAT, we are now well equipped to handle customer grievances

LSC Infratech Ltd.

Haldwani Nainital

We are using CEAT 23.5R25 TRAC XL R11 E3/L3 2 STAR TL on our site at LSC Infratech limited at Bazpur district, Udham Singh nagar, for over a year & we are satisfied with performance of the tyre and that of the CEAT service team.

We are satisfied by the tyre performance and CEAT service team in our side.

Gupta Enterprises

Neemuch Road, MP

We have recently started buying CEAT tyres for our machine, Hydra, loader, the wear of the tyre is good and haven’t faced any issues with the tyre. We are also satisfied with the service of the tyre.

Good Mileage

Coal Mines Associated Traders Pvt. Ltd.

Asansol West Bengal

We are very satisfied with performance of CEAT tyres. In addition to quality of product, Team CEAT specialty provided very food sales and service support with regular team visit in our sites. We assure to keep going with CEAT in future.

Sales and service support provided by Team CEAT is very good.

International Cargo Terminals & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Raigad, Maharashtra

We have been using CEAT tyre 18.00-25 slick & lug pattern for reach stacker for the last 3 years. Performance of tyres is very satisfactory. Apart from tyre performance, we have received service support from CEAT team in terms of: a. Training to maintenance & operator team. b. Tyre performance tracking month wise c. Fastest action on tyre related issues d. On time delivery We are happy with the service provided by CEAT.

Fastest action on tyre related issues.

Capulum Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

We are presently processing a prestigious order for trailers meant for Defence application where each trailer needs 5 nos. of 9.00 x16 tyres. While finalising the tyres, we got excellent technical support from you as Defence officials were looking for sand pattern tyre and we could technically convince them about using SAMRAT tyres with Diagonal ply using the technical support provided by you. We are extremely happy with the service provided by you as your service engineers are promptly attending the sparingly raised field complaints from our valuable customers.

Excellent technical support

Mangala Associates Pvt. Ltd.

Orissa, Bhubaneswar

We use CEAT 11.00-20 LXLM 71 radial tyres for our mining tipper. We have so far faced no problems with the radial tyre. Wear and tear of tyre is much less in comparison to competitive brands. We received good after sales service support for maintenance of tyres, month on month tyre tracking and other tyre related issues.

No puncture problems at all with our radial tyre.

Celebrating Diversity in Agriculture

Diversity & Inclusion

diversity-horse diversity-sustan diversity-oem

Embracing Diversity: Our Workplace

Fostering a welcoming workplace at CEAT Specialty that celebrates & embraces diversity

Promoting Diversity in Agriculture: Our Rodeo Sponsorship

Supporting diversity in agriculture through our sponsorships of rodeo events at CEAT Specialty

Building Diversity in Agriculture: Our Communities

Recognizing diversity in agriculture to cultivate vibrant communities at CEAT Specialty

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CEAT Specialty offers a comprehensive range of high-performance tyres to cater to various industries and applications. Our diverse types of tyres portfolio include agricultural tyres and farm tyres for tractors, sprayers and harvesters. We also provide construction tyres for loaders, backhoes, and graders, ensuring optimal performance in demanding construction environments. Additionally, our industrial tyres are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of material handling equipment and warehouse operations. For off-road applications, we offer tyres suitable for mining, ports, and other challenging terrains. Whatever your tyre needs may be, CEAT Specialty has you covered with durable, reliable, and innovative tyres to keep you moving forward.

Tyre replacement is crucial for your safety and vehicle performance. As a general rule, consider tyre replacement when the tread depth reaches 2/32 of an inch or if you notice significant wear, cracks, or bulges. Additionally, if your tyres are older than six years, even with good tread, it's recommended to have them inspected by a professional. Regularly inspect your tyres for signs of damage or wear and consult your local tyre expert for a thorough assessment.

To determine if a tyre fits your vehicle, consider three key factors: tyre size, load capacity, and speed rating. Refer to your vehicle's owner's manual or the tyre placard on the driver's side door jamb for the best tyre size. Verify the load capacity and speed rating requirements based on your vehicle's specifications. If you have any doubts, consult with a tyre professional who can assist you in selecting the best for your specific vehicle model.

To purchase CEAT Specialty tyres , you have several options. You can visit our authorized dealers and retailers across the country to explore our range of tyres and make a purchase. Alternatively, you can conveniently browse CEAT Specialty tyres from this website. For personalized assistance, our customer support team is always ready to guide you through the purchasing process and answer any queries you may have.

CEAT Specialty offers a wide range of tread patterns such as R-1, R-2, R-3, and R-4 to suit various applications and terrains. These tyre tread patterns are specifically designed to provide optimal traction, stability, and durability in different conditions, including agricultural fields, construction sites, industrial settings, and off-road environments. Whether you need tyres for farming, construction, material handling, or other specialized needs, CEAT Specialty has the right tread pattern to enhance performance and meet your specific requirements.