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Section Width: The width of a new tyre including normal sidewalls, but not including protective side ribs, bars, or other decorations.


Overall Diameter: Twice the section height (unloaded) plus the nominal rim diameter.


Static loaded radius- Minimum radius acquired by the tyre under reference load and pressure at static position.


Rolling Circumference: The distance an inflated & loaded tyre will roll in one revolution.

Section Height

The height of a new tyre from the nominal rim diameter to the top of the tread.

Rim Width

The measurement on the inside of the rim between the two flanges.

Rim Diameter Code

The nominal rim diameter in inches.

Aspect Ratio

Used to describe the ratio of tyre “section height” to “section width.” A tyre with an aspect ratio of 85 would have a tyre height equal to 85% of the tyre’s greatest width.