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Tire Care & Maintenance

Tractor Maintenance and Use

No matter how huge, powerful and tough your tractor may seem, it’s the tires really that take a beating on the field. But, it’s only when you take good care of your tractor, that you reduce the wear and tear on the tires.

So be sure to give them both a daily visual inspection. Watch the video for the basics on tractor and tire care:
  • What to look out for in your daily inspections
  • Tips on load carrying
  • How often to check oils, fluid, water and batteries
  • How to keep your tractor and its parts clean
  • Preventive tips to prolong the life of your tractor and tires
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Tire Maintenance & Use

Maintaining the right tire pressure, based on the load you’re carrying and the surface you're working on, is vital to improve the performance and service life of your tires.

Working with incorrect tire pressures have a detrimental effect on your tires, so it's vital to check your tire pressure ever so often, and calibrate it based on working conditions.

This video simplifies the key aspects:
  • The relationship between tire pressure, fuel efficiency, ride quality and weight distribution
  • When to raise or lower tire pressure
  • Identifying signs of wear and tear
  • Tips on prevention and repair

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Mounting & Demounting Farm Tires

It is important to practice the right mounting and demounting procedure, and follow the right safety protocols identified in the video.

  • Checking rim and tire compatibility
  • Steps involved in mounting and demounting tires
  • Deflating and re-inflating tires to the right working pressure
  • Using the right tools and safety gear

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Appropriate storage of agricultural tires ensures they ride safe, and achieve their anticipated service life. Stored in unsuitable conditions, tires and tubes may suffer premature wear. This can be avoided.

So, how can you protect your tires from dirt, light, temperature and harmful liquids? And do you store them horizontally or vertically? The video has all the answers.

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Inflating Farm Tires

The riskiest activity with regard to the use of farm tires - for users and experts, is inflating the tires. But adhering to the right procedure, using the right tools, safety gear and safety protocols go a long way in keeping you and your investment safe.

Watch the video for:
  • A step-by-step guide to mounting and inflating farm tires
  • Following the right inflation pressure recommendations
  • Safety gear and safety protocol

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Liquid ballasting

Liquid ballasting, is commonly used for agricultural tires to increase vehicle stability and traction, using the additional weight to simultaneously lower the center of gravity and reduce slipping.

The video indicates when and why liquid ballasting is used, the water and salt mix recommendations and the precautions to keeping in mind.

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Liquid Ballasting Procedure

This video lays out the procedure for liquid ballasting in simple steps, the tools you’ll need and the safety protocols to follow. It also alerts you to how liquid ballasting impacts your tires.

While it is recommended that tire professionals undertake liquid ballasting, you can do it too, provided you have the right tools and follow the right procedure.

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