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Looking for Tractor tires in USA? CEAT Specialty offers right tractor tires for your vehicle with premium quality and affordability for customer satisfaction.

Tractor Tires

Tractors vary by HP wherein a higher HP tractor is used when the farm sizes are bigger and the load to be hauled is more. Tractor tires are designed keeping these varied requirements in mind.

Tractor tires come in multiple sizes. Depending on the tractor HP, there is a specific tractor tire size that is recommended.

While tractor tires come in radial and bias technologies, your specific application, load-carrying capacity, and compaction and traction needs to decide whether radial or bias tires are better suited.

CEAT Specialty offers you the complete range of tractor tires. So, no matter what your requirements are, you will find a CEAT Specialty tractor tire that is the perfect fit for you. Our radial tires offer low compaction, high traction, and high roadability. We also offer an IF/VF radial tractor tire range that offers 20%/40% more load carrying capacity compared to standard radials.

CEAT Specialty is a preferred supplier of tractor tires to major global tractor manufacturers including John Deere, AGCO, Mahindra and Mahindra, CNH. CEAT Specialty tractor tires are built to the manufacturer’s specifications and designed to offer high mileage and durability. CEAT Specialty tractor tires come in multiple tread patterns keeping in mind varied user requirements. The tractor tire compound provides durability and ensures resistance to chipping and cuts. CEAT Specialty tractor tires, come in different sizes, which are tailor-made for your needs. These tires offer versatility and durability for farming as well as haulage. CEAT Specialty tires have you covered for all your tractor tire needs.

Tractor Tire Image

New tractor tires in US

Before you buy a new tractor tire, thorough research is required, especially due to the wide range of options in the market today. After all, the new tractor tire isn’t supposed to be merely a replacement, but an improvement. When you start to compare tractor tires on the market, the facts will incline you towards a CEAT Specialty tractor tire. That is because these tractor tires offer you the best load capacities, uniform load distribution, optimum tread patterns to maximize grip and offer high stability on the roads. No matter what your application is, there is a right CEAT tractor tire for you.

Our wide range of tractor tires includes stars like the Torquemax VF, which has been designed for high-power tractors and provides 40% more load-carrying capacity than standard radials the other specialists in the list include the Farmax R65 and Farmax R85 in farm radials and Farmax R1 in bias.

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Tractor tire size in US

Tractor tire sizes are of utmost importance when you are in the market for a new set. To find out the right tractor tire size, you need to refer to your tractor’s handbook or read the marking on your tractor tire. The most common way to write a tractor tire size is when two numbers are written next to each other, separated with a ‘-’. The first number indicated the width of the tractor tire in inches and the other signifies the diameter of the wheel in inches. For example, in the tire size 18-22.5, 18-inches is the width of the tire and 22.5 inches is the diameter of the wheel. The other way to write a tractor tire size is the metric way. This type is read like a car tire. For example, 18-22.5 in metric is 480/65 R22.5. This means that the width of the tire is 480mm, the sidewall thickness is 65 percent of the width, and the wheel diameter is 22.5 inches. R denotes that it is a radial tire.


Tractor Tire Image

Common tractor tire size in US

There are a variety of tractors on sale in the UK and hence the list of tractor tire sizes is quite large. However, the most common sizes used are 16.9-28, 16.9-30, 710/70 R 38, 420/85R 28, 540/65 R 28

Tractor Tire Image

How to buy tractor tires

Once you have found the right tractor tire size, narrow down your search with the preferred qualities you are looking for in the tractor tire. This will depend on your application. Check if you need tractor tires for agriculture, wetlands, road use, rough use, or for high load conditions. Then, you need to head to CEAT Specialty and pick the right one, in the right size. Here, you will find the right tractor tires for sale.


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Have Questions Related to CEAT Specialty Tires?


Tractor front tires can cost anything between $100 to $2000. The price is also determined by the features and benefits that the tires offer T A special-purpose tire can easily cost upwards of $1000.

The size of a tractor tire depends on its usage. The rim diameter can vary from under 10 inches to more than 50 inches. The increasing size of farming machines has led to an increased demand for larger tires as well

In the meter system, the size of the tire is written in three numbers. The first number is the width in millimeters, the second number denotes the percentage of the section width, and the last number represents the diameter of the wheel in inches. For example, the tractor tire with size 480/65 R22.5 will have a width of 480mm, a section width of 65, and a wheel diameter of 22.5 inches. R denotes that is a radial tire.

The usual life of a tractor tire is about 3 years. However, it depends heavily on usage. You should immediately replace the tractor tire if it starts to crack or deforms. But, if your tire is not faulty and has just undergone regular wear, you will need to check the thread thickness.