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Low soil compaction | High traction | Superior Grip

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Driven by the Power of CTR

CEAT farm radials offer high horsepower equipment, engineered to deliver on strength, durability and performance.

Low Compaction

Low Compaction

Wider tread
Larger inner volume

High Traction

High Traction

Low angle lug at shoulder

High Roadability

High Roadability

Higher lug angle at centre
Higher lug overlap at centre


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What our customers are saying

With CEAT, there is a noticeable difference in road comfort

I had 580/70R38 and 480/70R28 CEAT FARMAX R70 fitted to my tractor and there was a noticeable difference in road comfort, I have always run massey fergusons and have had this one for a few years. The tyres have now been on for twelve months and have done very well in the wide range of work I have been doing with it. Recently I have been using it with a large tanker on the back and the tractor feels very stable even with a large load. I live in very mountainous conditions so good quality tyres with good traction are extremely important to me and the CEAT have been doing a great job

The efficiency of CEAT Tyres give me more time to pursue my other duties

I am extremely happy with the quality look and feel of the CEAT tyre. There is a noticeable difference in road comfort and lower road noise compared with the premium tyres fitted to the tractor from new. I have also noticed I don’t get a loss of traction/slipping compared with my previous tyres when in the field. I am very pleased with my CEAT tyres and my predicted hours are looking promising even though I have been spending a lot of time on the road along with my other duties.

They are more comfortable and quieter to ride on the road with, even when pulling a trailer.

The CEAT looks quite a flat tyre across the tread with sharp corners; I think this bigger contact area is where I’m getting better traction from in the field. Also, the CEAT has wider lugs than tyres we’ve had in the past. Sidewall flexibility also seems to be very good. The tyres self-clean very well in wet conditions. They are more comfortable and quieter to ride on the road with, even when pulling a trailer.

Seamus o’Farrell

Farmer, Ireland

Tim Jones

Farmer, Ireland

Alan Carter

Farmer, UK