Farmax R65 radial tyres provide
superior traction to keep going
in all soil conditions

- Nils, Farmer, Germany

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Give your crops the care
they deserve with SPRAYMAX



Low soil compaction | High traction | Superior Grip

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Driven by the Power of CTR

CEAT farm radials offer high horsepower equipment, engineered to deliver on strength, durability and performance.

Low Compaction

Low Compaction

Wider tread
Larger inner volume

High Traction

High Traction

Low angle lug at shoulder

High Roadability

High Roadability

Higher lug angle at centre
Higher lug overlap at centre


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What our customers are saying

A big improvement in road comfort

I noticed a big improvement in road comfort after the CEAT tyres were fitted, I previously used a premium brand so did not know what to expect in comparison but the tyres have exceeded my expectation. I have been using the tractor for ploughing since fitment of the tyres and I am very happy with the self cleaning and grip level of the tyre, even in two wheel drive I have not been getting any loss of traction.

Excellent value for money

These tyres have exceeded my expectations giving good traction in the field and good comfort on the road even with the large weights we are carrying. Will definitely use these tyres again.

I like the flotation and traction I get

Frankly, I like the flotation and traction I get pulling my vegetable harvesters in extremely wet conditions with the CEAT radials.  They look really good. I have been running the CEAT bias tires for years and have been very happy and pleased with their service life. However, these CEAT radials are certainly a very nice upgrade. The overall performance and value that the CEAT Ag tires deliver is definitely important to my operation.

What we receive from CEAT is quality, durability and performance

I Believe that the promise we build this program on is delivered when we have the ability to market a tire like the CEAT Farmax bias and radial tractor tires. What we expect and what we receive from CEAT is quality, durability and performance and they never fail to deliver on that promise.

The CEAT tyres felt very stable even at speed with the large loads

Through the summer they were used to transport bails which was an 18 tonne load every time and the CEAT tyres felt very stable even at speed with the large loads. The tyre is comfortable on road use and is quiet compared with other brands we have had in the past. The wear so far has been very good I have covered nearly 1000 hours with very little noticeable wear


Gamble bros., Northern Ireland

W.J Steele and sons

W.J Steele and sons, Northern Ireland.

William Williams

Williams Farms Quality Produce, South Carolina

Chris Miller

South Carolina Farm Bureau

Martyn Gorman

Templethoey Co. Tipperary, Ireland