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CEAT Becomes First Tire Company Worldwide to Receive Deming Grand Prize

Fri, 6 Oct 2023 | PRODUCTS


Global tire company CEAT has been awarded the Deming Grand Prize, considered one of the highest achievements in TQM (Total Quality Management) worldwide. In doing so, CEAT has become the first tire brand and one of only 33 companies globally to receive the prestigious award.

The Deming Prize, instituted out of Japan, is a recognition of business excellence. It is awarded to organizations that have achieved the Deming Prize and have continued to sustain and elevate their Total Quality Management (TQM) practices for more than three years. CEAT has been on the TQM journey for over fifteen years and was the first tire company outside Japan to win the prestigious Deming Prize in 2017.

This award recognizes companies that set and achieve challenging business objectives and strategies that are customer focused and quality oriented through the practice of TQM principles, concepts and techniques. The entire organization was assessed, including its supplier and distribution network.

Receiving the Deming Grand Prize is the highest quality honor. Among the 32 companies to receive the Deming Grand Prize since 1970 are: Toyota Motor, Philps Taiwan, M&M -Farm, Tata Steel and Komatsu Ltd.

Mr. Arnab Banerjee, MD & CEO, CEAT Ltd., said “We are extremely delighted with this achievement. Winning this prize reflects our robust business systems and processes, leading to the creation of highly reliable and dependable products and services every time.  This is delivered through involvement of every employee and all stakeholders making it truly partnership based. We believe that CEAT’s customer-centric approach and superior quality standards have played a critical role in winning us this honor.”

Mr. Amit Tolani, Chief Executive, CEAT Specialty, said ” Securing the Deming Grand Prize is a phenomenal achievement for CEAT and a resounding testament to the relentless dedication and unwavering commitment of every member within our organization. I wish to extend profound thanks and heartfelt gratitude to our invaluable partners for their unwavering support. This award reflects our  pursuit of excellence, our unyielding commitment to innovation, and our steadfast devotion towards exceeding customer expectations. It serves as a powerful source of motivation, propelling us to reach newer heights in our industry.”

Deming Grand was institutionalized in 1969 and is one of the longstanding quality awards presented by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) for excellence in Total Quality Management (TQM).

Instituted in 1958, CEAT is one of India’s leading tire brands and the flagship company of the RPG Group. CEAT tires are sold in more than 115 countries worldwide. The company produces more than 41 million high-performance tires, catering to various segments like 2-3 Wheelers, Passenger and Utility Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Off-Highway Vehicles.

CEAT Specialty Tires, headquartered in Jefferson City, MO, began selling CEAT Ag and OTR tires in North America five years ago. In the specialty segment, CEAT manufactures farm, mining and earthmover, industrial, and construction equipment tires, as well as special application off road tires.

Deming Grand Prize

Known as the father of the quality movement, W. Edwards Deming was an American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer and management consultant.