CEAT Specialty: Provider of Innovative Tires for the Agricultural Industry

The guiding mission of CEAT Specialty Tires is to offer high quality tires at better value to North America’s farmers and ranchers. Or another way of saying it – “high quality tires at an honest price.”

Easy enough to say . . . but CEAT devotes substantial financial and human resources in R&D, manufacturing, customer service and many other areas to make it a reality!

CEAT received the prestigious Deming Prize for quality manufacturing processes.

And reality it is . . . CEAT farm tractor and implement tires (radial and bias) have received a very positive response from North American farmers, ranchers and tire dealers. Founded almost 100 years ago in Turin, Italy, CEAT has a long history of manufacturing and producing tires for international markets. CEAT Specialty Tires began selling Ag and OTR (off-the-road) tires in North America five years ago.

Tire technology must advance to keep up with farming machinery that is increasingly becoming more massive and technologically sophisticated. While farm tractor and implement tires may look similar, they are not! It pays to know the company behind the tire. With CEAT, you can count on a farm tire that was borne from advanced R&D and produced through the most stringent total quality management (TQM) manufacturing processes.

The company continually invests in R&D and its manufacturing plants to deliver the highest quality products to its customers. Of particular note, CEAT is totally committed to following Total Quality Management (TQM) principles. CEAT is the only tire company outside of Japan to receive the prestigious Deming Prize (in 2017) for TQM excellence. This commitment gives CEAT the confidence to offer a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty and 3-year field hazard warranty on all of its Ag radial tires.

Torquemax VF radials recently installed on a Case tractor by a Tirecraft Ontario dealer.

The CEAT Torquemax VF – a “high quality tire at an honest price”

The Torquemax VF (Very High Flexion) tire is designed to carry 40% more load, as compared to standard radial tires at the same pressure. On the other hand, VF tires like the Torquemax can be operated at 40% lower air pressure as compared to standard radials for the same load. This produces a larger tire footprint which leads to lower soil compaction.

CEAT is delivering VF and IF (“Increased Flexion” tires equipped to carry 20% higher load than the standard radial tires at the same pressure) to North American farmers and ranchers at an aggressive price point.

Great feedback from North American farmers and ranchers

The feedback Tirecraft Ontario, which has the distribution rights to Eastern Canada including Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario, has been very positive and very typical.

Tirecraft’s Barry Hawn with a CEAT Torquemax VF radial

Barry Hawn, Director of Off-Road Products for Tirecraft Ontario, has been in the tire business for 50 years – all of them with a heavy emphasis on farm tires. He has first-hand experience with practically every Ag tire brand, so he was skeptical when he heard four years ago that another brand was entering the “already saturated Ag market.”

Hawn’s first impressions of the CEAT organization and appearance of the tires were very good, so he decided to give CEAT a try. To ensure 100% satisfaction with this new brand, Hawn offered his corporate stores and associate dealers a “60-day no nonsense, if you don’t like them for any reason, or if your end user doesn’t like them for any reason, I’ll take them back.” There is no longer a need to follow up, Hawn notes. Not a single tire returned! CEAT farm tractor tire sales have been brisk.

The longtime tire executive says he has received rave reviews on the roadability of CEAT tires — “The CEAT tires have done a great job with their capability to roll down the road with a nice comfortable ride, and traction wise I have not had a single complaint.”

With CEAT, you can count on a farm tire developed through advanced R&D and produced through stringent total quality management (TQM) manufacturing processes . . . at a price that does not break the bank.

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