TQM at CEAT Means Hard Working Tires on the Farm

Founded almost 100 years ago, CEAT has a long history of producing tires for international markets. CEAT Specialty began selling Ag and OTR tires in North America four years ago.

“With customer centricity being the guiding principle for all our actions, we continually invest in customer service and R&D to deliver the highest quality products to all our customers,” said CEAT Specialty Tires President Ryan Loethen. “Additionally, we follow Total Quality Management (TQM) principles. The Deming Prize we received in 2017 is a testament to that commitment.”

Edward Deming

The prestigious Deming award recognizes companies that achieve business transformation by implementing TQM. CEAT was the first non-Japanese tire company in the award’s history to earn the distinction.

Edward Deming was an American statistician and business consultant whose methods helped hasten Japan’s recovery after the Second World War and beyond. He derived the first philosophy and method that allowed individuals and organizations to plan and continually improve themselves, their relationships, processes, products and services.

CEAT Specialty entered the North American market with the intent to offer the same level of customer centricity, and feedback from farmers and ranchers so far has been outstanding.

Apart from rigorous internal test, CEAT Ag radials also undergo testing at renowned independent facilities. “This gives us confidence to offer a 7-year manufacturing warranty and a 3-year field hazard warranty on all our farm radial products,” Loethen said.


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