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Ohio Dealer Excelling with new CEAT Flotation Tire

Mon, 15 Jan 2024 | PRODUCTS


Brad Schmucker, owner of Millersburg Tire Service in Ohio, knew there was demand for a quality high speed radial flotation tire in his market. There were a couple offerings in the market by other manufacturers, but Schmucker felt that there could be an improvement.

According to John Miller of Millersburg Tire Service, “We mentioned to the CEAT folks the need for this tank tire and provided input of what we thought would improve the product over current designs. With CEAT’s willingness to grow in this market we had the new FLOATMAX CARGO PLUS within a year.”

With FLOATMAX CARGO PLUS installations happening on a regular basis now, it appears that the guys at Millersburg Tire Service knew what they were talking about . . . which is not at all surprising; you don’t stay in business as a tire dealer for decades without taking care of your customers with expertise and outstanding service. Millersburg Tire Service began selling CEAT Ag tires more than six years ago when CEAT entered the North American market.

“CEAT is a company that is willing to listen to the needs of its customers and tries to meet those requests. They are amazing to work with because they want dealer and customer input to help make them stronger in the market,” Miller noted.

The FLOATMAX CARGO PLUS offers high traction, stubble puncture protection, uniform pressure distribution, and minimal soil/crop damage for tank and trailer applications. Available initially in size 28LR26, more sizes and a VF variant are planned for release towards the end of this year.

Featuring the latest in Ag tire technologies, CEAT tractor and implement tires perform well in the field and equally well on the road. This CEAT performance, combined with an acquisition price that is friendly on the wallet, delivers true value to America’s farmers and ranchers.

FLOATMAX CARGO PLUS being installed at Millersburg Tire Service