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Farmers Are Asking for CEAT at Millersburg Tire

Mon, 13 Sep 2021 | PRODUCTS


We welcomed Brad Schmucker, owner of Millersburg Tire, at our Farm Progress Show booth recently and were pleased to hear that more and more of his farmer customers are asking for CEAT Ag tires by name.

Millersburg Tire Service in Millersburg, OH, has been in business for 66 years because their farmer customers trust them — trust them to provide a quality product backed by quality service.

Millersburg Tire Service has been selling CEAT for four years now and Schmucker says the brand is growing in reputation among farmers in Ohio and the surrounding states.

“What makes me feel really good is when they call in on the phone and they want that ‘CEAT Tire,'” Schmucker says. “That’s the key to making inroads in a market . . . when you have a tire that people ask for by name.”

“The service guys come back and say what a nice flat footprint,” the longtime tire dealer notes. “When you are going down the road, the CEAT tires have good stability . . . they don’t crown up. They mount flat and have really good traction.”


“We need to have good products at a good price backed by good service . . . not just for the big farmers but for the small farmers as

well, because in our business, they are all important!” Schmucker explains.

We appreciated Brad helping us out at the Farm Progress Show and certainly got a kick out of seeing him on our mechanical bull which drew hundreds to our booth. CEAT is a proud sponsor of rodeo; hence the bull!

Brad Schmucker (right) and Steve with Millersburg Tire visited CEAT at the Farm Progress Show

Brad Schmucker, owner of Millersburg Tire, looks confident on the bull!