CEAT Tires to Star in Top Crop TV Program

Lights, camera, action! CEAT Ag tires have been provided to two farmers participating in the upcoming “Top Crop” TV program which will air on RFD-TV and other TV networks in late fall.

“Top Crop” is a new reality documentary series that follows a group of farmers as they work hard to produce the best crops possible on their ground. Crops include corn, soybeans, wheat, or other specialty crops. Each week, the farmers will face challenges designed to test their skills and knowledge in planting, growing and harvesting these crops. They will showcase the quality and yield of their final crops. Along the way, viewers will learn about the latest farming techniques and technologies, as well as the challenges and rewards of running a successful farm.

As the documentary progresses, viewers will get to know the farmers on a personal level, learning about their families, their communities, and the challenges they face in running a farm. The show will also provide an opportunity for the farmers to share their stories and experiences, and to inspire others who are interested in pursuing a career in farming.

FARMAX tires just installed by Moore’s Tire on the Deere operated by Top Crop farmer Dan Luepkes. Moore’s Tire does a great job serving farmers in the northwest region of Illinois.

Illinois corn farmer Dan Luepkes proved his mettle in a previous reality documentary called Corn Warriors, which was also produced by Seth Wood, the man behind Top Crop.

When Dan, who farmed beside his father as a child, first looked into purchasing the property he now farms, he was told that the probability of going bankrupt within a short time was without question. The farm, now operating under the name Luepkes Enterprises, had extremely poor, sandy soil that was unable to consistently produce yields or profit. True to his bold character, Luepkes assessed the properties potential, ultimately deciding to gamble the outcome while stealing himself with determination to find a solution that turned the property from risk to reward.

This fall Luepkes will get his first experience on CEAT FARMAX tractor tires.

Ethan and Shelby Fite with Theresa Kapper of CEAT Specialty Tires

CEAT Spraymax VF tires have been installed on a self-propelled sprayer at Mann’s Farms in west central Ohio. Shelby Fite is a second-generation farmer. In high school, Fite found her love for agronomy and followed that interest to receive a masters degree in Crop Sciences. She and her husband are doing great things on the farm founded by her parents; we look forward to their feedback on our Spraymax tires.

Luepkes and the Fites are shining examples of today’s smart, savvy American farmers. We can’t wait until they experience the dependable traction, good roadability and long tread wear of their CEAT tires.



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