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How can Ceat tyres VF Technology help in reducing Soil Compaction?

Mon, 31 May 2021 | PRODUCTS


It’s always best not to have a tyre with too high a pressure. They can result in soil compaction and hinder the growth of crops and roots. So, does the tyre need to be under-inflated in order to lower soil resistance? Read on to know more.

This is what happens if you regularly work with under-inflated tyres:

Sudden puncture

A tyre that has been inflated with much lower pressure than usual can result in damage and punctures. Even if the punctures are corrected, it can still cause problems to the tyre. When the tyre rolls against the ground, the sidewalls also hit the ground. But without the firm protection of the treads, even a small root or a rock can end up punching a hole in the tyre. Finally, the cost of repairs increases tremendously.

Irreversible casing damage

Every time the tyre is under-inflated, it loses its original shape. This under-inflation causes irreversible damage to the tyre casing, which is the main structural element of the tyre. Owing to excessive sidewall movement and flex, frequent under-inflation induces progressive wear and abrasion to the casing reinforcement and ply on the rim flange.

Solution –

The solution to these problems is VF tyre technology. VF or Very High Flexion casing makes tyres stronger and with flexible sidewalls. There’s no need to shift pressure with VF tyre when shifting from terrain to terrain as VF tyres are made for the ever-busy farmers who do not have time to shift the pressure every now and then. They also preserve  soil! As soil compaction is one of the main concerns of farmers, VF tyres reduce soil compaction, provide perfect weight distribution, and reduce slippage.

And, why are CEAT Spraymax tyres the best in the market with VF technology? This is because of their superior construction. Low compaction is one of the most significant characteristics of a good farm tyre. A wider tread, a broad inner volume, and a versatile structure are the most important factors in reducing soil compaction. These three features lead to a larger footprint, which reduces compaction and increases farm efficiency. In addition, Spraymax’s rounded shoulders prevent crop damage.