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How accurate tractor tyre selection can help minimise soil compaction

Tue, 21 Jun 2022 | PRODUCTS


Regardless of the work it is doing, it is possible to get the maximum power and performance from your tractor while having the minimal possible impact on soil structure and compaction of the land on which you are working, with significant benefits for areas including crop growth and drainage. Next time your tractor tyres require replacement, before you sit down to scan the internet for tractor tyres for sale or ‘tractor tyres near me’, or search through tractor tyres’ price lists, consider the benefits offered by modern tractor tyre technology and design to help you make the right choice for your soils.

Section width and profile

If your goal is to leave minimum impact on the land, aim to pick tractor tyres that are as wide and as low in profile as possible for the size of your tractor and the wheels with which it is fitted. to help spread the weight of the tractor across as wide an area as possible. Remember that the second number in a tractor tyre’s sizing code (eg 650/65 R38) denotes the tractor tyre’s profile as a percentage of the first figure, which is the width of the tractor tyre in millimetres. The wider the tyre, the greater the area over which its weight will be spread. Bear in mind, though, the limitations you may face in terms of the wheels fitted to your tractor, and also the overall width of the machine, as a few centimetres extra can make a difference around narrow lanes and on hard-to-negotiate yards.

IF and VF higher flexion tractor tyres

Having been introduced around 20 years ago, IF and VF tractor tyre technology has become well-established in the market as a route to reducing pressures and thereby broadening footprints. Advanced carcase sidewall design means increased flexion (IF) tractor tyres can carry the same load as a standard tractor tyre of the same dimensions at 20% lower pressure, spreading weight over a wider and longer footprint without compromising performance. The figure for the even more advanced design of very high flexion (VF) tractor tyres is 40%.

Selecting tractor tyres such as CEAT’s flagship Torquemax, which is available in both IF and VF formats in sizes up to 710/70 R42, therefore offers significant potential to help minimise your tractor’s impact on the land. This can be particularly beneficial if your work involves activities such as primary and secondary cultivation and crop establishment, plus grassland work such as slurry spreading and fertiliser application. And this can all be done without any need to alter pressures between road travel and fieldwork, with IF and VF tractor tyre designs not compromised for road speed.

Tread design

Tread design also plays a significant role in how the right tractor tyres can help minimise the compaction caused by your tractor. CEAT Farmax HPT tractor tyres, for example, feature rounded shoulders that minimise soil disturbance as the tractor tyres grip the soil. As part of the total section width, their wider tread width also helps spread the tractor’s weight to minimise soil compaction, while a high tractor tyre volume bot only provides a high load capability, but again means maximum cushioning of the load to minimise soil impact.

It is therefore possible to minimise the impact of your tractor and its operations on the soil whilst still operating efficiently and getting the maximum from your machine and from your crops, keeping at bay the compaction that can affect rooting and drainage. Before you next begin searching for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me, or scanning tractor tyres’ price lists, study the benefits offered by tractor tyres such as Farmax and Torquemax to understand how their designs and technology can be of benefit for your soils.