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How To Maintain Your Sprayer Tyres Without Breaking the Bank

Tue, 20 Sep 2022 | PRODUCTS


Sprayer tyres can have a hard life, particularly as farm enterprises grow larger, requiring more sprayer travel time on the road, and as many machines are today required to apply liquid fertilisers as well as crop protection products. Even on smaller farms, though, good maintenance will ensure you get the maximum life from your sprayer tyres. Here are a few simple tips on maintaining your sprayer tyres that should maximise the time before you have to consider replacements and study sprayer tyres’ price lists or search the web for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’.


Regular cleaning

If you farm or work on heavy soils, and particularly if you also have to spray when the land is not completely dry, picking up mud on your sprayer tyres is inevitable. Should your soils also be stony, this can not only potentially lead to dirt ingress around the tyre bead, but also to tyre damage such as splits, especially if those stones are sharp flints. Keeping sprayer tyres brushed clean of mud with aa stiff nylon brush each time you leave the field is a simple way to ensure that they are protected as far as possible from stone damage incurred by mud around the bead and flints being pressed into the rubber between the treads.

Regular checking

Maintenance doesn’t actually have to involve anything more complicated than checking. Casting an eye over the inner and outer sidewalls, the sprayer tyre treads and each area between each tread on a regular basis is the lowest possible cost method of ensuring your sprayer tyres are maintained properly. It will give you the best possible chance of spotting early any issues such as splits, cracks and embedded stones that could go on to cause problems unless addressed. Ensure that you also check the condition of the valve on each sprayer tyre, ensuring it is undamaged.

Regular pressure monitoring

The next cheapest method of maintaining your sprayer tyres after a physical check is a pressure check. There is no better way of maintaining your tyres than to ensure they are operating at the correct pressure, which will ensure the best possible performance and levels of safety, as well as the most efficient operation and the longest possible life. Always ensure the pressures are spot-on – adding an extra little bit of air will simply wear the tyres faster, make the ride harsher and cause greater soil compaction. Conversely, low sprayer tyre pressures will result in poor handling, tyre carcase damage and potential demounting of the sprayer tyre from the wheel rim.

Off-season maintenance

Once the spraying season is over, give your sprayer’s tyres and wheels a thorough pressure washing to remove all traces of soil and chemical, ensuring this takes place either in the field or in an area where the washing water is collected for dealing with. Ensure the insides of each wheel/sprayer tyre are washed as well as the outsides. If you have access to a covered concrete storage area and your sprayer will not be needed for a few months, consider jacking up the machine and placing it on axle stands to relieve the sprayer tyres of the machine’s weight. If this is not possible, try to start the machine and driver forwards or backwards a quarter turn of the wheels every so often to prevent formation of flat spots and keep the sprayer tyres in good shape.


None of these practices will cost very much, if anything at all. Taking care of your sprayer tyres in this way will ensure they are maintained in the best possible condition for as long as possible, meaning your next search for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, or the next time you have to study sprayer tyres’ price lists, will be as far down the line as possible.