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Five Reasons To Trust CEAT Specialty With Your Sprayer Tyre Needs

Wed, 2 Nov 2022 | PRODUCTS


Selecting the best possible new tyres for a self-propelled sprayer is not a process to undertake lightly. The wrong choice can affect your soils, your crops and your business’s bottom line. If you’re beginning a search for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’ or leafing through sprayer tyres’ price lists, some names will be very familiar. Whether you have used CEAT Specialty tyres before or are considering the brand for the first time, here are five reasons to trust CEAT Specialty with your sprayer tyre needs.


1. CEAT Specialty has a long history of high-quality tyre production

The origins of CEAT can be traced back to 1924, when the company was founded in Italy as Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino. Growing quickly to become a successful manufacturer, in 1958 it attracted Indian investment, and in 1958 was incorporated in Mumbai as CEAT Tyres of India. In 1982 it was acquired by RPG Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates, which today has a turnover of US$3bn. While a relatively recent entrant into the competitive European agricultural sector, CEAT Specialty, which has been producing agricultural tyres for many years, is fast becoming one of the industry’s most recognisable brands.

2. Self-propelled sprayer tyres are a specialty of CEAT Specialty

Relatively few agricultural tyre manufacturers have specialist product offerings beyond general tractor tyres. This is not the case with CEAT Specialty. In addition to its long-established lines of Torquemax and Farmax tractor tyres, as well as trailer and implement tyre products, CEAT Specialty has long invested cash into research and development and manufacturing for self-propelled sprayer tyres in particular. One illustration of this is the extent of the CEAT Specialty Spraymax range, with 14 sizes to suit 42in, 46in, 50in or 54in wheel rims, and section widths of 380mm or 480mm.

3. Spraymax sprayer tyres offer design characteristics that have resulted from extensive research 

Among the characteristics of CEAT Specialty Spraymax VF sprayer tyres that have been developed from our comprehensive R&D programme is a tread pattern with a stepped lug design. This maximises grip, ensuring excellent traction particularly on sloping or hilly ground, with benefits for both output and safety. Rounded shoulders help minimise soil and crop damage, while steel belt incorporation is available with selected specifications for protection from punctures.

4. High performance on the road as well as in the field from the Spraymax design

A sprayer is only earning money when it is at work in the field, so road travel time needs to be minimised safely. CEAT Specialty helps users ensure this by designing its Spraymax tyres with a high non-skid depth, which ensures good road traction and means they are durable over the long term, minimising cost of ownership. Road travel is also smoothed by a centre tie bar that helps negate the effect of that high pressures at which rowcrop sprayer tyres must operate.

5. Spraymax sprayer tyres feature VF technology as standard

The VF (very high flexion) carcase design of CEAT Specialty Spraymax sprayer tyres means they can be operated at 40% lower pressures than similarly-sized sprayer tyres of standard construction. By helping spread the sprayer load over a greater footprint, that has a significant bearing on minimising soil damage and tramline depth over a season.

Whether you are specifying sprayer tyres on a new sprayer or fitting new ones to an existing machine, you’ll likely soon be searching the web for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’ or leafing through sprayer tyres’ price lists. Among the many manufacturer names, take a close look at the characteristics that will really make a difference too your business. CEAT Specialty Spraymax sprayer tyres offer plenty of them.