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What’s The Secret To Trailer Tyre Selection?

Tue, 29 Mar 2022 | PRODUCTS


When you’re looking for new trailer tyres , perhaps by searching the internet for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, or studying ’ trailer tyres price lists, it’s easy to be overloaded with information and mystified by evolving terminology. Updating your knowledge before starting your trailer tyre search will mean you can make a better-informed decision.

 Traditionally, many trailers were equipped with ‘super single’ trailer tyres , designed to be hard-wearing, particularly on the road, and well able to bear heavy loads. Such trailer tyres are very similar to those found on lorries and trucks. However, their most significant downside is their relatively low footprint and consequent high propensity to cause soil compaction. Super singles may be ok for trailers working mainly on tarmac, concrete and other forms of hardstanding such as compacted stone farm tracks. However, for work that involves haulage from fields, and/or considerable road travel, then there are many better options.

The secret to trailer tyre selection is to ensure you understand the capabilities and benefits of modern alternatives to super single trailer tyres. As an example, CEAT Specialty offers trailer tyres of both cross-ply and radial designs.

Engineered to provide higher traction and a comfortable ride, Floatmax RT radials feature robust centre blocks for low noise travel and smooth running on hard surfaces. A flatter crown width means a larger footprint which spreads the trailer load to minimise soil compaction in the field, while a pattern of inter-connected grooves aids self-cleaning and rounded shoulders help limit soil and crop damage. In addition, steel-belted construction protects against puncture material ingress and aids durability.

If your work often involves hauling on loose fields surfaces, though, Floatmax FT trailer tyres may be a better alternative. These provide additional traction and stability for greater grip, plus better floating characteristics to minimise soil compaction and so aid crop growth.

Selecting such trailer tyres means you benefit from directional lugs that aid traction, plus a robust centre block for enhanced stability and road handling. They also benefit from a wider and flatter crown for improved floatation, and are constructed from a greater rubber mass to ensure durability and a long working life.

There are also multiple lower-cost bias or cross-ply alternatives in the trailer tyre sector. If seeking very simple trailer tyres for use on hard surfaces, CEAT’s T422 Value Pro flotation trailer tyres feature a large volume and footprint for maximum ground contact and minimal soil compaction. Rounded shoulders help minimise crop damage.

If your tasks are more field-based, the CEAT Flotation T422 I1 bias flotation trailer tyres are manufactured with a tough nylon casing and strong bead bundle for a high load-carrying capability. There is the same large volume and footprint plus rounded shoulders for minimal crop and soil damage.

Further alternatives include the CEAT TR800 bias flotation tyre. Available in a 400/60 R15.5 size, it helps reduce soil compaction and protect yields with the typical CEAT design of a larger air volume and footprint plus rounded shoulders.

For the ultimate in flotation, though, two ranges sit at the top of the CEAT line. If you are seeking 480/45-17 or 500/50-17 trailers and need maximum floatability, consider the Flotation Plus range, but if you need the maximum amount of rubber in contact with the ground, look at the Flotation TX 440, with sizes from 500/60-22.5 to 700/40-22.5.

The secret to trailer tyre selection, therefore, is to assess your workload and do your research. You trailer tyre dealer should also be a good source of help, so that when you’re next looking for new trailer tyres , perhaps by searching the internet for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, or studying trailer tyres’ price lists, you will feel more confident about choosing the right brand and product.