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How CEAT Spraymax Tyres Provide Safe and Reliable Performance?

Wed, 24 May 2023 | PRODUCTS


Having the right farm tractor tyres can make all the difference. That is why CEAT Specialty has developed Spraymax tyre – to provide farmers with the safety and reliability they need. In this post, we will explore the features and benefits of CEAT Spraymax tractor tyre, and why they are the ideal choice for farmers in the UK.

Advanced Tread Pattern for Superior Grip

CEAT Spraymax tyres are designed with an advanced tread pattern that provides a superior grip, ensuring you can maintain control of your tractor. The tread pattern features deep grooves, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and improving traction. The result is a tractor tyre with exceptional handling and braking performance.

Robust Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

In addition to their superior grip, CEAT Spraymax tyres are also built to last. They feature a robust construction that can withstand the demands of everyday farming. The agricultural tyre is designed with a reinforced shoulder that provides extra protection against punctures and cuts. At the same time, the durable rubber compound ensures long-lasting performance. Additionally, the tyres are designed to have a long tread life, which helps to reduce the need for frequent replacements and improves overall safety and reliability.

Specialized Rubber Compound for Enhanced Grip

Spraymax Tyres are made with a specialized rubber compound that enhances grip on surfaces. This compound improves the tyre’s traction, reducing the risk of skidding or slipping. It is designed to provide excellent performance in a variety of conditions, including extreme temperatures and heavy loads. Its use helps to ensure that the tyres remain stable and reliable even in the most challenging farming conditions.

Efficient Braking for Safer Get-Up-And-Go

When a sprayer brakes, the tyres are responsible for bringing the vehicle to a stop. The braking performance of a sprayer depends on various factors, including the quality of the tyres. CEAT Spraymax Tyres are designed to provide a safe and reliable farming experience. One important feature of these tyres is their efficient braking system. CEAT Spraymax Tyres are designed with a special tread pattern that provides excellent grip and traction on the field. This allows for shorter stopping distances, which is essential in emergency situations. When a sprayer needs to stop quickly, the efficient braking system of CEAT Spraymax Tyres reduces the stopping distance, allowing the farmer to come to a complete stop more quickly and safely.

CEAT Spraymax Tyres – The Perfect Choice for UK Farmers

CEAT Spraymax tyres are the perfect choice for UK farmers, offering greater grip and long-lasting performance.

The CEAT Spraymax farm tyre is designed to handle 40% more load than a regular radial one. Alternatively, it can support the same load as a standard radial tyre while maintaining 40% lower pressure. The components of the Spraymax VF design incorporate the following features:

  • A stepped lug design that offers improved grip and traction.
  • A center tie bar that provides superior roadability.
  • Rounded shoulders that minimize soil and crop damage.
  • Higher NSD (non-skid depth) that leads to an extended tyre lifespan.

CEAT Spraymax tyres are the ultimate choice for UK farmers looking for safe and reliable performance. With their advanced tread pattern, robust construction, and long-lasting performance, these tyres offer the perfect combination of safety and durability. So, if you’re looking for an Ag tyre that can handle whatever the UK weather throws at you, look no further than CEAT Spraymax.