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Five things to look out for when purchasing sprayer tyres

Tue, 27 Dec 2022 | PRODUCTS


When searching for a new set of sprayer tyres or specifying sprayer tyres on a new machine, it may seem at first that there is little to choose between the makes and types on the market. Take a closer look at the details, though, and you will find there are certain characteristics that can help make your spraying operations more productive, more efficient and safer. Before you start planning a purchase with internet searches for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ and ‘sprayer tyres near me’, and looking through sprayer tyres price lists, read on to discover five things to look out for.

Efficient lug design…

One of the most important aspects of sprayer tyres is lug design, because this has the most significant impact on grip and traction, helping the sprayer to tackle loose and damp soils and/or climb hills, ensuring the transmission speed the operator selects matches the ultimate forward speed of the machine. That not only means the intended application rate is achieved, but also that minimal fuel is wasted through wheelslip, and – particularly on hills and steep land – operator and machine safety is maximised. Specially designed for self-propelled sprayers, CEAT Spraymax VF sprayer tyres feature a stepped lug design that bites into the soil and squeezes it out from between the treads, maximising grip and traction.

…that minimises soil and crop damage…

Sprayer tyre manufacturers such as CEAT Specialty understand their market, and so design sprayer tyres that don’t just provide maximum traction, but also protection the two most important assets in the field – the soil and the crop growing in it. As an example, CEAT Spraymax VF sprayer tyres blend this stepped lug design with sprayer tyre should that are rounded to a measured degree, to ensure they produce as little soil and crop impact as possible.

…and enhances road travel…

Rowcrop sprayer tyres must be tall and narrow to minimise their impact on the crops in which a sprayer is working, but the compromise for this quality comes often in terms of road comfort when travelling at speed. Look out for features such as a centre tie bar, which helps smooth the sprayer’s ride on the road, minimising shock and wear loads on the sprayer and making life more comfortable for the operator.

VF carcase design for greater flexibility

CEAT Spraymax VF sprayer tyres are designed and manufactured using very high flexion (VF) construction principles. This carcase design process means the sprayer tyres can either carry 40% more weight than standard sprayer tyres of the same size, or – of even greater value in a spraying situation where minimising soil compaction is important – be operated at 40% lower pressures than standard sprayer tyres of the same size. This latter ability lengthens and slightly widens each sprayer tyre footprint, to spread the sprayer load over the greatest possible area and hence minimise the impact on the soil. This helps reduce ponding in the tramlines after rain, and means those tramlines are easier to pull through when cultivating at the end of the season.

A high non-skid depth (NSD) for maximum sprayer tyre life

For maximum durability and tyre lifetime, choose a sprayer tyre with a high non-skid depth (NSD). This essentially describes the sprayer tyre tread depth, and so a high NSD will give you maximum life from your sprayer tyres.

When next seeking a new set of sprayer tyres or specifying sprayer tyres on a new machine, bear in mind these five essential qualities. Pick the right sprayer tyres, and you will delay as long as possible the next time you need to search for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, or scan through lots of sprayer tyres price lists.