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Seven Things To Consider When Selecting Tractor Tyres

Fri, 24 Dec 2021 | PRODUCTS


A significant investment is required to replace tractor tyres, making careful planning and selection a must when choosing a brand and a product from the tractor tyres for sale on the market. Beyond tractor tyre price, when entering ‘tractor tyres near me’ into a search engine and selecting from those tractor tyres for sale from suppliers, there are a few points to help in your decision-making before making your choice.

1. The manufacturer

When studying tractor tyre price lists, there are many manufacturers in the tractor tyre business and multiple tractor tyre brands. Do a little research into the name of the tractor tyres for sale that you are considering. Is it the name of the manufacturer or one of the brands it owns? Some names may not be as prominent as others. Still, a manufacturer with a long history in the tractor tyre market is likely to have the product proficiency, engineering capability and application experience to match today’s agricultural demands.

2. Dealer service

A good dealer will support a strong manufacturer, and vice versa. Tyre makers who have dedicated specialty tyre divisions tend to work with dealers who, likewise, have a deep knowledge of the field of agriculture. At the same time, good agricultural dealers are also cautious to pick from the tyre franchises available to them because tractor tyre price will not be the only criteria on which customers will make their choice. When choosing ‘tractor tyres near me’, pick a dealer that stands behind the products they offer and is supported by manufacturers behind their dealer.

3. Correct application

Ensuring you select the correct tractor tyres for your tractor’s typical tasks is essential to successful and safe performance. For example, when choosing from tractor tyres for sale, think carefully before specifying tractor tyres on a new machine or replacing them on an existing one. If your tractoris doing more road than fieldwork, consider a specialist tyre type with hybrid or road tread to ensure maximum tarmac contact patch.

4. Increased flexion (IF) options

If your tractor is doing almost as much road travel as fieldwork, consider the potential benefits offered by increased flexion (IF) tractor tyre types. These provide the flexibility to operate at the same pressures on the field and the road, and IF tractor tyres can carry 20% higher loads at the same operating pressure or the same load at 20% lower pressures.

5. Very high flexion (VF) tyres

If you seek tractor tyre types thatoffer further flexibility between road and field worksuitability, another alternative to standard tractor tyre types is very high flexion tyres. These offer double the capability of increased flexion types, meaning they can carry 40% higher loads at the same operating pressure or the same load at 40% lower pressures.

6. Matching the tyres to the tractor

Before studying a tractor tyres’ price list or searching for ‘tractor tyres near me’, take time to consult your tractor dealer and your tractor tyre specialist. They will be able to provide advice on the best wheel and tyre combination to match your tractor model and the primary tasks it will be doing. Consider the wheel size and tyre size pairing and how they will work together to get maximum performance for your tractor and the expected work.

7. Correct sizing

Bearing in mind there may be several options, make sure you specify the correct tractor tyre sizes for your machine and its intended tasks. Most machines will be suited to a wide range of tractor tyre size options, varying by width, diameter and profile, and if ordering a new tractor, you may also have a choice of wheel rim sizes.It is also vital to ensure that the front and rear tractor tyre sizes are correctly matched to the gearing of the tractor.

The array of tractor tyre makes and models on the market can be bewildering. Before making your choice, considering these points can help you make the right decision and the best investment.