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Seven Key Reasons To Remember The Importance of Well-Designed Tractor Tyres

Fri, 12 Aug 2022 | PRODUCTS


Modern tractors have multiple features which enhance their performance, efficiency and ability. Technology from advanced CVT transmissions to comprehensive electronics systems means their capabilities are significantly greater than tractor ranges of just a couple of decades ago. None of their potentials can be realised, though, without well-designed, high-quality tractor tyres to put their power to the ground. A tractor without tyres is incapable of pretty much anything, so good tractor tyre choice is critical to achieving the best possible return from your investment. Bear this in mind next time you settle down to leaf through tractor tyre price lists, or look online for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’.


1.  Only well-designed tractor tyres can make the most of the engine capabilities of your tractor in the field. As an example, CEAT Specialty Torquemax tyres feature a tread pattern with a lower angle at the shoulder, providing superior traction.


2.  A thought-through design also minimises damage to soil and crops. Rounded shoulders on the CEAT Specialty Torquemax provide exactly that, ensuring your most important assets are protected.


3.  A wider tread and larger inner volume reduce soil compaction. CEAT Torquemax tractor tyres incorporate this design element to ensure that the protection of your most important asset is not compromised by the tractor tyres’ tractive abilities.


4. High tread depth ensures good tractor tyre life. The R1-W tread depth of CEAT Torquemax tractor tyres ensures maximum longevity of the tractor tyres even in highly-demanding applications, such as high-traction draft work in tough, dry soils.


5. Good tractor tyres are more likely provide a trouble-free long life. CEAT Farmax HPT tractor tyres incorporate a high denier textile casing, which is combined with superior quality tread and sidewall rubber compound to minimise the chances of tractor tyre damage.


6. High-quality highly reinforced bead construction with a higher bead-to-bead distance makes it easy to carry a higher load. This is a particular characteristic of CEAT Farmax HPT tyres and one which also enables easy fitment.


7.  Carefully-designed lug patterns make the most of the capabilities of modern high-power, high-speed tractors. CEAT Farmax HPT tractor tyres incorporate lug patterns specially designed with characteristic base grooves, which enhance the tractor tyre’s strength. They also feature a tilted lug tip and an increased lug width, a combination that reduces vibration and ensures a longer service life for the tractor tyre. A lower lug angle at the shoulder provides better traction, and rounded shoulders ensure lesser soil disturbance. A wider tread width also helps with lower soil compaction and characterised mud breakers promise great self-cleaning ability. High volume also ensures high load capability and excellent ride comfort.


To extract the full potential of modern tractors and their advanced features, well-designed, high-quality tractor tyres are essential. Take into account these points next time you’re searching tractor tyre price lists or browsing for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’. They should help define your tractor tyre choice.