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The many benefits of upgrading your tractor’s tyres

Thu, 19 May 2022 | PRODUCTS


If your tractor tyres are worn out, or perhaps you are finding that you are not getting the best performance from your machine and the tractor tyres fitted to it – in terms of grip, pulling power, low compaction, fuel efficiency and road manners – then you should consider upgrading your tractor’s tyres. But before you begin searching for  ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ on the web, or scanning tractor tyres price lists, ensure you are familiar with the features of modern tractor tyre design that could bring many benefits for a little additional investment.

Consider an upgrade to IF or VF tractor tyres

In the mid-2000s, tractor tyres able to carry greater loads at their standard pressure, or the same load at lower pressure, were introduced to the market. The word ‘flexion’ is used to describe the flexibility of these tractor tyres’ sidewalls. Increased flexion (IF) tractor tyres can carry 20% more load at the same operating pressure, or the same load at 20% lower pressure, thanks to the advanced design of their carcases, particularly in the sidewall area.A further advanced version of this, the VF or very high flexion design, doubles this ability, with VF tractor tyres having 40% greater load bearing capacity at the same operating pressure. Alternatively, they can carry the same load at 40% lower pressure.

There are multiple advantages to the additional investment cost of IF or VF tractor tyres. The primary one of these is that the tyre pressures can be adapted to the task at hand to maximise performance and minimise machine impact on the soil. For example, lowering the tractor tyre pressures in the field by 20% (IF) or 40% (VF) from the standard means the tractor tyres’ footprints are both lengthened and widened. This puts more tread in contact with the ground, for increased traction and fuel efficiency, as well as spreading the load over a greater area for reduced soil compaction. Because of the IF/VF carcase design, this is possible without risk of the tractor tyres slipping on their rims, incurring serious damage and potential failure, as would be the case on standard tractor tyres if pressures were lowered below those recommended.

However, for rapid travel on the road, particularly when hauling maximum loads, IF/VF tractor tyres can also be operated at their standard pressures, at which they will be able to bear 20% (IF) or 40% (VF) higher payloads than would otherwise be possible with standard tractor tyres at the same pressures. CEAT’s flagship Torquemax tractor tyres are available in both IF and VF formats, in sizes up to 710/70 R42.

Look at what enhanced tread patterns will bring to your work

Upgrading to a cutting-edge tractor tyre design for higher-hp tractors, such as the CEAT Torquemax, will also bring you the fruits of the latest in tread design research. Examples on the Torquemax include a tilted lug tip, which cuts reduces vibration and noise at high road speeds. A higher angle and lug overlap at the centre also ensure smooth road travel. In the field, performance is enhanced by a lower shoulder angle, which improves these tractor tyres’ bite into the soil for superior traction. This is combined, though, with rounded shoulders, to minimise damage to both to the soil and, if working during the growing season, to the crops. Upgrading to Torquemax also brings the benefits of a wide tread and large inner volume, characteristics which also minimise soil compaction.

 So next time your tractor needs new tractor tyres, consider the benefits of upgrading to something with a superior design. The additional investment will be quickly returned in grip, pulling power, lower compaction, greater fuel efficiency and better road manners. And that will mean the time you spend researching ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ on the web, or scanning tractor tyres’ price lists, will be time well spent.