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The Importance of Correct Trailer Tyre Pressures

Wed, 9 Mar 2022 | PRODUCTS


By their very nature, trailers are designed to bear a load. It follows, therefore, that the role of trailer tyres is crucial in supporting and cushioning that load. Under- or over-inflated trailer tyres can therefore have a significant impact on the land beneath them – and there can be repercussions for the trailer tyres themselves. When next browsing for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, or looking through a trailer tyres price list for replacements, remember the importance of using the correct trailer tyre pressures once installed.

Over-inflated trailer tyres

Trailer tyres inflated above their recommended pressures will cause problems both on the road and in the field. When travelling on the highway, one of the biggest dangers from over-inflated trailer tyres is the impact they will have on the trailer’s braking performance.  Because the contact patch of an over-inflated tyre is less than one running at the correct pressure, the efficacy of the brakes will be reduced. Not only will this impair braking performance, with serious implications for road safety, but it will also lead to over-heating of the trailer tyres, potentially leading over time to delamination of the treads. Impaired braking from over-inflated trailer tyres will also ultimately lead to premature failure of the trailer brakes. Over-inflated trailer tyres will also wear much faster, leading to shortened lifetimes.


In the field, the biggest problem cause by over-inflated trailer tyres is increased compaction. Increasing the tyre pressure above the recommended setting re-shapes the trailer tyre, causing its contact area with the ground to be reduced as its profile is elongated by the excess air and changing the tyre shape. This increases the load borne by each square centimeter still in contact with the ground, and so increases soil compaction. This has multiple detrimental effects for the land, including impaired drainage and plant root growth.

Under-inflated trailer tyres

If there is insufficient air in a trailer tyre – below the minimum pressure recommended by the manufacturer – different but no less serious problems can occur. Firstly, the bead of the trailer tyre may become unseated, allowing the trailer tyre to move on the rim and potentially come loose. This has implications for road safety in particular – should a tyre become detached at speed it has the potential to cause serious accidents involving the tractor driver and any other road users.

The carcase of an under-inflated trailer tyre can become easily damaged, particularly given the additional load imposed on the sidewalls. This can lead to premature failure of the trailer tyre and the need for early replacement before the natural end of its life.

It therefore pays to regularly check the pressures in your trailer tyres daily during sustained periods of use, and also when a trailer is brought back into service after not being used for some time. Upon searching the internet for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, or looking through a trailer tyres price list for replacements, you should bear in mind the need for correct pressures upon installation, and regular checks.