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The importance of the right tractor tyres for your machine and its work

Tue, 5 Jul 2022 | PRODUCTS


From the simplest machines to the most sophisticated, modern tractors possess many features and design elements that make them capable of bringing high levels of efficiency to agricultural, municipal and forestry tasks, ranging from the engine to the transmission and beyond. However, even the most advanced machine is only as good as its ability to transfer engine power via the transmission to the ground, and for this it depends completely upon the tractor tyres with which it is fitted. When replacing your tractor’s tyres, considering the best option for your machine and its work is important preparation ahead of your search for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ and ‘tractor tyres near me on the internet, and should come before studying tractor tyres price lists.


What are your tractor’s primary tasks?

The key factor on which to base your choice of tractor tyres should be the primary type of work your tractor is expected to do. If its workload rarely takes it onto the fields and is largely yard-based and low-speed in nature – pulling and operating a cattle diet feeder, for example, or operating a straw chopper on a pig or poultry unit – then characteristics such as increased or very high flexion sidewalls are unlikely to be advantageous. Indeed, a lower-cost cross-ply/bias carcase design is likely to be sufficient for the workload, as opposed to the higher-cost radial type. CEAT Farmax R1 bias tractor tyres, for example, feature a reinforced carcase that provides maximise service life and enhanced stability, aided by high centre-lug overlaps and a tie bar. But for those jobs that do require high levels of traction, such as operating a loader around a silage bale stack on muddy ground through winter, they are still capable of good traction thanks to triple-angle lugs that also aid smooth travel when travelling on tracks and roads.

However, for tractors whose workload is largely field-based, and can also take them on the road for considerable distances between fields, then radial tractor tyres will be a better option. Manufactured in bands around the tyre’s circumference, their design is stronger than that of cross-ply tractor tyres and provides much greater sidewall flexibility, for enhanced grip when at work and a more comfortable ride both in the field and on the road. CEAT Farmax R85, R80, R70 and R65 tractor tyres feature wide treads and large inner volume to maximise traction and minimise compaction, while rounded shoulders cut crop damage and a higher angle lug and lug overlap at the centre provides good roadability.

How much work is your tractor expected to do?

If you operate a premium tractor across large acreages for long hours, consider a premium radial tyre to match its workload. For high-horsepower tractors performing demanding tasks such as primary and secondary cultivations and crop establishment, and expected to also cover large distances on the road, a tractor tyre designed specifically for smooth, consistent transfer of high levels of torque from the tractor to the ground is essential. As an example, CEAT Torquemax tractor tyres feature a tilted lug tip that reduces vibration and noise, plus a higher angle and lug overlap at the centre that provides excellent roadability at speed. In the field, a low shoulder angle ensures high levels of traction, while rounded shoulders minimise crop and soil damage, and a wide tread plus large air volume maximise soil protection.

Selecting your tractor tyres based on your machine type and its work will help you to get the most out of both the machine and the tractor tyres themselves. Think about these factors when you’re choosing your next set of tractor tyres, before beginning your search for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ on the internet, or studying tractor tyres price lists.