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The Dangers Of Driving With Underinflated Trailer Tyres

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 | PRODUCTS


If you need to replace a set of trailer tyres, there are many maintenance tips that will help you get the most from them once you have searched the internet for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, perused trailer tyres price lists and made your selection. With your purchases delivered and fitted, one of the most important points is to ensure they are correctly inflated and regularly monitored for pressure, as there are multiple dangers to driving with underinflated trailer tyres.


Risks to other road users

Underinflated trailer tyres will affect the handling of your trailer at speed on the road, potentially causing it to become less responsive to the tractor’s steering movements and wallow from side to side rather than following precisely the tractor’s steering movements around bends. There is a high risk of the bead of an underinflated trailer tyre breaking contact with the wheel rim, and becoming detached from it as a result. The dangers posed to other road users by a detached trailer tyre and an unstable trailer are self-evident, with insurance and – potentially – criminal implications.

Risks to the tractor driver

The safety of the operator of a tractor towing a trailer with underinflated trailer tyres is also at significant risk. As outlined above, trailer tyre underinflation will affect the handling behaviour of the trailer when travelling at speed, and this will be transferred to the towing tractor. As a result, the combination will become unstable. Even if the road is otherwise free of traffic – not uncommon on country roads – an unstable trailer will affect the tractor’s steering and handling, and it may be difficult to correct this, potentially leading to the tractor, trailer or both striking a kerb or ditch, with a significant likelihood of injury – or worse.

Risks to the trailer

Underinflated tractor tyres also pose a risk to the structure of the trailer – and hence the cost to you as its owner. If one side of a trailer happens to have under-inflated trailer tyres, this can affect the even loading of the trailer axle suspension, straining and potentially damaging its components.

Risks to your land and the crops it produces

Underinflated trailer tyres leading to uneven load can result in greater compaction on the underinflated side of the trailer, and potentially even loss of trailer stability and loss of load from a well-loaded trailer

Beyond the fact that trailer tyre life will be shortened as the risk of carcase damage will increase, there are therefore a number of dangers that result from driving with underinflated trailer tyres. If you are seeking to replace a set of trailer tyres, and have made your internet searches for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, and looked at what’s available on trailer tyres price lists remember once your trailer tyres have been delivered and fitted that checking their pressures should be part of your daily tractor and trailer maintenance routine. That way you will minimise the risks of any of the points above occurring.