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The best trailers demand the best tyres: why your trailers need FLOTATION PLUS

Wed, 8 Feb 2023 | PRODUCTS


Over recent years, agricultural trailers have become much more than the trundling transporters of goods they were just a few decades ago, when few tractors were capable of exceeding 20mph/30kph. Modern farm trailers are capable of handling much greater loads and weights, at higher speeds, and trailer tyres have had to evolve as a result, particularly as the impact on field soils of hauling heavier weights has also come under scrutiny. The next time you need new trailer tyres and find yourself searching trailer tyres price lists and typing ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’ into a search engine, consider what trailer tyres designed to combine safety, speed and soil protection could do for your farm.

Modern agricultural trailers designed for haulage of heavy weights at high speeds require the fitment of the best possible trailer tyres if they are to perform at their best, allowing swift travel with minimum shock transfer to the tractor and its operator, while also leaving minimal soil impact while in the field. Other attributes are, of course, just as essential for productivity – good levels of puncture resistance, for example – if those trailer tyres are to contribute fully to farming productivity.

It is this blend of attributes that has been designed into the Flotation Plus range of trailer tyres from CEAT Specialty. From the outset, Flotation Plus tyres were designed in response to customer demand for trailer tyres that would help to minimise the soil compaction effects of heavy trailer loads, without compromising the need for smooth handling on the road and high standards of durability.

So what are the features that make Flotation Plus a key contributor to productivity when fitted to your trailer? Firstly it is designed with a high-strength cross-ply/bias construction, which is the ideal design for high-demand, high-weight transport applications where carcase strength is paramount. When hauling at speed and making turns with heavy loads on board, this is a crucial attribute.

In the field, meanwhile, crop and soil protection characteristics are paramount. Here, rounded shoulders of CEAT Flotation Plus trailer tyres have been created with a curvature designed to minimise their effect as they pass over and past growing crops.

But one of the most important characteristics of CEAT Flotation Plus trailer tyres is their high volume and consequent large footprint means they have a particularly large contact patch. This spreads the trailer load over the maximum possible area, meaning the lowest possible pressure is exerted by the trailer tyres on each square centimetre of soil, ensuring that rainfall infiltration is maintained, plant root growth is sustained, and rutting is minimised. Minimal compaction also means the use of fuel and cultivation steel is minimised during any subsequent field cultivations.

These are just a few of the features of CEAT Specialty flotation trailer tyres that make them the ideal choice for many demanding agricultural trailer operations. Next time you need new trailer tyres and find yourself searching trailer tyres price lists and typing ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’ into a search engine, consider what this combination of safety, speed and soil protection attributes could mean for your trailer and its contribution to your business.