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Seven Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Tractor Tyres

Mon, 31 Jan 2022 | PRODUCTS


There are multiple factors to consider when investing in a new set of tractor tyres , making the decision process daunting for some buyers. But following seven simple points can help to ensure you pick the best tyres for your tractor when perusing a tractor tyres price or searching the internet for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ and ‘tractor tyres near me’.

1. The tasks on your farm

When selecting the type of tractor tyres you need for the model you own, the variety of tasks your tractor is expected to do should be a significant influence on your investment. If you are carrying out a lot of primary cultivations over an extensive area of land, then it will pay to invest more in a quality tractor tyre that will stand up better to hard use. For work that tends to involve more time travelling short runs on tarmac, for example, qualities found in higher-cost tractor tyres, such as an advanced grip design and good self-cleaning properties, may not be so important. Lower-cost tractor tyres may suffice.

2. The workload for your tractor

On some farms, a tractor may do hundreds of hours in a year, but on smaller units, or if a tractor is used for more specialist or dedicated tasks, the workload may be no less important but potentially much smaller. The annual workload for your tractor should be another significant factor in the decision-making process when selecting tractor tyres. Lower-cost tractor tyres that have been designed and manufactured using standard technologies may well suffice for a low-workload tractor. For tractors expected to undertake higher workloads, consider investing a little more in your tractor tyres to obtain the best technologies in areas such as carcase design, lug profile and manufacturing materials.

3. The soil types on your land

Farming takes place, of course, across a wide range of soil types, and all have a different abrasive effect on tractor tyres. Some, such as stone-free silts, have small impact on tractor tyre abrasion. In contrast, stiff clays with high stone contents, for example can wear tractor tyres much faster, as there is little potential for movement of the stone against the tractive forces of the tractor tyres. Sandy soils and loam types with high sand contents can also be incredibly abrasive. Challenging soils of this type warrant higher investments in tractor tyres developed to cope with them.

4. Your tractor’s seasonal work

Perhaps your tractor does some tyre-challenging primary cultivations for a few hours each autumn. On the other hand, maybe it will do these types of tasks for long periods each autumn and spring. Is your tractor expected to work more in difficult, damp soil conditions, or at times when the ground is drier but harder? These factors should be borne in mind when selecting the tractor tyres to fit your machine. As an example, consider more advanced designs with longer footprints if your tractor works for long periods on high-moisture soils.

5. Whether you will use your tractor with a front loader or front-mounted equipment

Using a tractor in combination with a front loader, or regularly using it with front-mounted equipment such as a cultivator or press via a front hitch, will mean that the front axle, and therefore its wheels and tyres, will come under greater stress. Consider this workload when determining how often you may have to replace the tractor’s front tyres.

6. Whether a specialist tractor tyre type may suit your needs

When searching tractor tyres price lists for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’, consider whether an additional investment in tractor tyres with a more advanced type of carcase flexion may be worth investing in to match the nature of your work. If much of your tractor’s workload is likely to be on soft ground such as silt, or pre-cultivated soils, the flotation capabilities of the tractor tyres ,the advantages of increased flexion (IF) and very high flexion (VF) tractor tyres will be worth considering. IF tractor tyres can carry 20% higher loads at the same operating pressure or the same load at 20% lower pressures. VF tractor tyres offer even greater flexibility, with relative figures of 40%.

7. Manufacturer and dealer experience and support

The completely different nature of tractor tyres to those for high-speed road-going vehicles means they need a specialist approach from manufacturers and dealers. When you are searching price lists and adverts for new tractor tyres for sale, choose tractor tyres from a manufacturer with long experience in the sector and a good agricultural specialist tractor tyre dealer with expert knowledge of agriculture. By selecting in this way you will benefit from the reputation, experience and support of both parties, providing you with the best installation and operating advice.

Bear these points in mind when selecting tractor tyres, searching for ‘tractor tyres near me’or looking through a tractor tyres price list, and the selection process will be just that little bit easier.