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Why farmers need a trusted source for sprayer tyres

Mon, 5 Dec 2022 | PRODUCTS


Whether you are specifying a set of sprayer tyres on a new model or replacing a set of sprayer tyres on an existing one, both outlays represent a significant investment on a valuable machine that carries valuable loads – and can have major impact on the performance of your soils and the crops they produce. Before you start searching the internet for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ and ‘sprayer tyres near me’ and compiling potential purchases from sprayer tyres’ price lists, it’s worth taking time to investigate the credentials of the sector’s manufacturers.

A self-propelled sprayer offers greater convenience and capacity than an equivalent trailed model, but represents a considerable additional investment. Equipping it with the best possible wearing parts to ensure the maximum performance is extracted from it is therefore a wise move. After all, it carries products that, when added up through the season, are worth thousands of pounds – and, of course, can be hazardous if not handled safely in a well-equipped machine.

That’s why it is essential to ensure that the manufacturer of any new sprayer tyres you select has proven credentials in the sector. Not every well-known name in tractor tyres necessarily has a proven track record in sprayer tyres – but conversely some of the rising names in tractor tyres do have a strong background in sprayer tyres as well.

As an example, CEAT Specialty has a business history of almost a century, having been founded in 1924. Today, with a presence in over 120 countries, CEAT is part of RPG Group, one of the top business conglomerates in India, with a turnover of $3bn. CEAT is one of the world’s fastest-growing manufacturers of tyres for passenger and off-road vehicles, serving the latter category under its CEAT Specialty division. Under this, it manufactures not only tractor tyres, but also specialist sprayer tyres designed purposely for use with self-propelled sprayers,

It is the research and development and the manufacturing precision that goes into creating these sprayer tyres that means they can be regarded as a trusted tyre to fit to your sprayer, protecting its load and your soils and crops. For a start, all CEAT Specialty Spraymax VF sprayer tyres are of a very high flexion (VF) carcase design, meaning they can carry 40% more load at standard pressures or, perhaps more importantly, be operated at 40% lower pressures than standard for the same load. This means that the weight of your self-propelled sprayer can be spread over four longer and slightly wider footprints than would be imposed at standard pressures, reducing the bar pressure exerted per square centimetre, or pounds of pressure per square inch.

But that’s not all. With the benefit of CEAT Specialty research and development you also gain from a tread with a stepped lug design proven to provide greater grip for enhanced traction, a welcome feature especially for those farmers working on hilly land. With rounded shoulders, Spraymax VF sprayer tyres damage less crop and minimise soil compaction. On the road, a high non-skid depth (NSD) ensures a long sprayer tyre life, giving you a tyre that’s durable and built to last, while a centre tie bar provides good road handling, or ‘roadability’, for swift travel back to base or to the next job.

All these sprayer tyre characteristics are found only from a manufacturer established as a trusted source of sprayer tyres. To maximise the life of your sprayer tyres and ensure you minimise the number of times you have to surf for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ and ‘sprayer tyres near me’, and search sprayer tyres’ price lists, ensure you choose your sprayer tyres from a maker with proven track record in this specialist area.