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What to look for when buying trailer tyres

Thu, 31 Mar 2022 | PRODUCTS


Searching for new trailer tyres can be a challenging process, with a bewildering array of makes, types, formats and sizes. Next time you’re browsing the internet for ‘trailer tyres near me’ or ‘trailer tyres for sale’, or scanning trailer tyres ’ price lists, bear the following information in mind to help you make your choice.

Cross-ply/bias construction

Bias or cross-ply trailer tyres are made using a lower-cost production process. While radial construction tends to be the preferred modern option for many tractor manufacturers, owners and operators, due to the enhanced ride comfort it provides, with a trailer this is not an issue. As a result, depending on the type of work for which the trailer is used, cross-ply/bias trailer tyres may be sufficient for the nature of the tasks.

One example is CEAT’s T422 Value Pro flotation trailer tyres, which offer a large volume and footprint for maximum ground contact and minimal soil compaction, plus round shouldersto minimise crop damage.

Cross-ply trailer tyres can also work well in certain field situations, though. With a tough nylon casing and strong bead bundle that combine to provide high load-carrying capability,  CEAT Flotation T422 I1 bias flotation trailer tyres are ideal for fieldwork, benefiting from a similar large volume that gives a long and wide footprint, and the same rounded shoulder design to limit crop and soil damage. Consider also the TR800 bias flotation tyre, which is available in a 400/60 R15.5 size, and also features CEAT’s typical high air volume, large footprint and rounded shoulder design.

 Ultimate flotation

 If you are looking to spread heavy trailer loads over the greatest possible area, you may need to look at the two flagship trailer tyre ranges from CEAT. In 480/45-17 or 500/50-17 sizes, maximum flotation can be attained by fitting CEAT Flotation Plus trailer tyres. However, to benefit from the maximum amount of rubber in contact with the ground, there is the Flotation TX 440, available in sizes from 500/60-22.5 to 700/40-22.5.

Radial construction

Radial design, where the trailer tyre is constructed around the circumference, offer a number of benefits. As an example, Floatmax RT radials are designed incorporating features that provide enhanced ride and surface-holding, with steel-belted construction that helps reduce puncture risk and enhances durability. Their construction includes robust centre blocks that minimise travel noise at speed by smoothing the runningof the trailer on hard surfaces. There is a flatter crown, creating a larger footprint that ensures the trailer load is spread over as much surface area as possible to minimise soil compaction. A pattern of inter-connected grooves gives Floatmax RT trailer tyres  good self-cleaning properties, and the round shoulders keep soil and crop damage to a minimum.

For working on loose soil and other surfaces, Floatmax FT trailer tyres may be preferable, offering additional traction and stability for greater grip. They also provide better floating characteristics, minimising soil compaction and so aiding crop growth. Directional lugs aid traction, whilea robust centre block enhances stability and road handling, and a wider, flatter crown improves floatation. A greater rubber mass enhances durability and working life.

So when looking for new trailer tyres, consider your budget, your trailer’s workload, and the features and benefits you are seeking. Take these into account, and you should end up with a sound set of trailer tyres that serves you well for years to come. That should mean there is plenty of time before you next find yourself searching the internet for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, or studying trailer tyres’ price lists.