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What is the best way to clean my sprayer tyres?

Tue, 28 Jun 2022 | PRODUCTS


Whether soils are often dry and dusty during the season, or the tramlines in the crops you are treating can be a little soft and muddy when conditions are otherwise right for spraying, keeping your sprayer’s tyres and wheels clean helps prevent dirt ingress into the bead, stops chemical potentially reacting with the tyre compound, and minimises the risk of sharp stones puncturing the carcase. A little care and attention can help prolong the life of your sprayer tyres and extend the time until you next have to peruse a sprayer tyres price list or search the net for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or sprayer tyres near me. And choosing well-designed sprayer tyres from a specialist in the sector can bring attributes such as a self-cleaning tread design.

To ensure no contaminated cleaning water can run into any type of watercourse or drain, a sprayer should be cleaned only in the field in which it has been working or at the yard where it is filled, where there must be concrete hardstanding from where washings can drain into a sump for later disposal. Washing down a sprayer should be part of good husbandry whenever a particular spraying task has been completed.

Some crop protection products, particularly herbicides, can leave visible residue on a sprayer’s tyres and wheels as it passes through the crop, and before leaving the field this should be removed using a nylon-bristled brush and the washing lance fitted to your sprayer, if it has one, or an independent clean water source such as a knapsack sprayer.

If the tramlines in the field where you have been working are soft and muddy, cleaning the sprayer tyre treads of mud before heading onto the road is important, to avoid creating a skid hazard for other road users. This will also help to prevent flints and sharp stones in the mud potentially causing sprayer tyre damage.

High-quality sprayer tyres such as the CEAT Spraymax VF are designed with a tread pattern that incorporates stepped lugs that provide enhanced grip and traction, while also aiding self-cleaning of the sprayer tyres. Combined with the Spraymax VF’s rounded shoulders, which also minimise soil and crop damage, the tread design grips the soil as it passes through the field, but also squeezes it gently between the treads to provide a self-cleaning action that minimises the need to clean mud from between the tread chevrons, even in damp clay soils.

At the end of the spraying season, ensure your sprayer’s tyres and wheels are given a thorough pressure washing to remove all traces of soil and chemical, taking particular care to wash the insides as well as the outsides of each wheel and sprayer tyre. Such care before storage will ensure your sprayer tyres last as long as possible, and maximise the time before you next have to invest time to search for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, or study sprayer tyres’ price lists.