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How the right tractor tyres can boost your yields

Tue, 17 Jan 2023 | PRODUCTS


If they are wisely purchased, installed and looked after, carefully-chosen tractor tyres can play a part in helping to enhance the yields of your crops. How is this possible? Read on to find out before your begin looking through tractor tyres price lists and internet-searching for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ and ‘tractor tyres near me’.

The right tread design

This is crucial in helping fieldwork tractors play their part in maximising crop yields. As an example, CEAT Torquemax tyres feature a lower angle at the shoulder, which enhances traction, thereby minimising the risk of wheelslip that can cause soil smearing, which affects drainage and plant growth. A further design feature is rounded shoulders, which help minimise damage both to the soil and the crop growing in it. A wide tread and large inner volume also aid flotation and hence reduce soil compaction.

The right construction

Cross-ply or bias tractor tyres are less complicated to manufacture than radial tractor tyres, and are therefore cheaper to produce – and so less expensive to buy. However, their advantages beyond these are limited if the tractor they are to be fitted to is expected to do a lot of high-traction work such as ploughing and cultivations, and/or work on land where the ground may often be soft. This is because of their very limited levels of carcase flexibility, which tends to increase their impact on the land. The right tractor tyres for working on the land to any great extent are radial tractor tyres. Their greater carcase flexibility will help minimise compaction, and therefore minimise the impact on plant root development and soil water drainage. These factors will help maximise your yields.

The right carcase design

IF and VF tyre technology is a method of tractor tyre design and manufacturing that allows the tractor tyre to bear 20% (IF) or 40% (VF) more weight than a standard tractor tyre of the same size. Alternatively, it allows the tractor tyre pressures to be lowered by 20% (IF) or 40% (VF) for the same load-bearing capability as a standard tractor tyre of the same size is specified for. Being able to bear more load may help to increase crop yields by reducing the number of passes (and hence wheelings) a tractor and implement such as a plough is requires to make across a field. Alternatively – and perhaps more importantly – being able to reduce tractor tyre pressures for the same load spreads that load over a longer and slightly wider tractor tyre contact patch, reducing overall tyre pressure per square centimetre. This helps reduce soil compaction, impeded drainage and rooting problems, hence enhancing your crops’ yields.

These points illustrate how choosing your replacement tractor tyres carefully, with due regard for the features and benefits of their design, as well as their price, can bring significant benefits in terms of reducing the impact of your tractor on your soils and maximising the contribution your tractor tyres can bring to your business. A carefully-considered purchase of a set of tractor tyres, supported by careful installation and maintenance, can have a significant role in helping enhance your crops’ yields. Bear these points in mind before your begin looking through tractor tyres price lists and internet-searching for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ and ‘tractor tyres near me’.