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Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Sprayer Tyres

Mon, 26 Sep 2022 | PRODUCTS


When it comes to replacing sprayer tyres on a self-propelled machine, or specifying tyres on a new one, it may be tempting to minimise expenditure by choosing low-cost options, but cheap sprayer tyres can be a false economy. Next time you need new sprayer tyres, and begin searching sprayer tyres price lists or looking on the internet for ‘sprayer tyre for sale’ or sprayer tyres near me’, this is why you should steer clear of cheap sprayer tyres.

Poor quality

Cheaper tyres can suffer from a number of manufacturing quality issues when at work, including carcase cracking – with implications for air retention, integrity and safety – undesirable carcase flexing and even delamination of the tread. Investing a little more in good-quality sprayer tyres will help insure against such issues. Sound carcase quality not only helps assure machine stability, particularly on side-slopes, but also help ensure the sprayer boom and nozzles are cushioned against the forces imposed on the machine in such a situation, helping ensure even, accurate application by ensuring the boom is kept steady and the nozzles stay a consistent height from the crop.

Poor design

Cheaper sprayer tyres are likely to have had less money invested into their design principles, meaning that, while they may to the basics of bearing the weight of the machine to which they are fitted, and helping it to travel from A to B, they may do little else to help protect your soils, your crops, your operator and your bottom line. CEAT Specialty Spraymax VF sprayer tyres, specially designed for self-propelled sprayers, feature a centre tie bar that ensures excellent roadability at speed, and rounded shoulders that help minimise soil and crop damage, plus a high non-skid depth for high durability and maximum lifetime.

Lack of modern technology

Beyond the basics of sprayer tyre design itself, cheaper sprayer tyres are far less likely to incorporate the latest technological developments that can bring considerable benefits to your business. One example is very high flexion (VF) carcase design. This principle, part of the design of CEAT Specialty Spraymax VF sprayer tyres, helps the tyres carry 40% more load than a standard radial of the same size, boosting capacity and efficiency, or the same load at 40% lower pressure, minimising soil damage.

High wear rates

Like cheaper tyres of any sort, cheaper sprayer tyres are likely to wear faster than those which have been designed and manufactured with greater investment from the maker. This may be down to the rubber and chemical compounds used to manufacture the tyres, which may erode faster at speed on the road – when heat builds up in tyres – and when at work on stony and abrasive soils.

The next time you are specifying sprayer tyres for a new self-propelled sprayer, or looking for new sprayer tyres for an existing machine, bear these points in mind when weighing up the investment you are about to make in new sprayer tyres. They could save you considerable time and money and delay for as long as possible that next search through sprayer tyres price lists and those trawls of the internet for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ and ‘sprayer tyres near me’.

You already own, think about how these principles apply to the sprayer tyres from which you are choosing. Looking through a sprayer tyres price list, or searching the web for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, will all be made simpler by bearing in mind the attributes of specific sprayer tyre designs.