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Choosing between rowcrop, standard or flotation sprayer tyres

Mon, 27 Jun 2022 | PRODUCTS


Depending on the crops you grow, the stage of their growth when you need to treat them and the width of the tramline wheelings you use, there will be times when wide flotation sprayer tyres are best suited to your work, and others when narrow rowcrop sprayer tyres suit best, while for some tasks and situations standard tyres may suffice. When you next find yourself having to search the internet for sprayer tyres for sale or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, or study sprayer tyres’ price lists, consider the merits of all types and the benefits each can bring to certain spraying tasks.

Many farms growing combinable crops traditionally start the crop protection spraying season running their sprayers fitted with flotation sprayer tyres. With plants small and conditions soft, spreading the weight of the sprayer across as wide a footprint as possible can help to minimise soil compaction. With the right carefully-chosen sprayer tyres, extending the twin footprint paths of the sprayer out beyond the tramline rows can be of significant benefit in terms of maximising flotation and minimising compaction, and result in very little crop damage – providing the machine is fitted with good quality sprayer tyres.

If you are seeking maximum levels of crop and soil care on soft seedbeds and delicate crops, a true flotation sprayer tyre may be the best option early in the season – or throughout it on short crops and grass. CEAT Floatmax FT radial floatation tyres are wide, small-diameter flotation sprayer tyres composed of a high rubber mass, providing a firm grip on loose soils early in the season. They feature directional lugs that maximise traction – particularly important on hilly land, especially with hydrostatically-driven machines – and a wide, flat crown for the best possible floatation. However, they also perform on the road, with a robust centre block that provides maximum stability and roadability at speed.

But for some operations a general sprayer tyre may suffice, particularly if you are dealing with combinable crops and resilient soils. As a universal sprayer tyre, CEAT Farmax RC radial tyres are recommended for use on self-propelled sprayers and on tractors working with trailed sprayers. They are made with a strong carcass and bead capable of bearing the high loads imposed by a full sprayer tank, yet incorporate rounded shoulders that minimise crop damage and a higher number of lugs to ensure sound traction on damp soils and hills, while a higher tread angle with lug overlaps at the centre delivers improved roadability and stability, providing a smooth ride even at speed on the road. If you are using wide tramline tracks, such sprayer tyres may be used throughout the season, depending on your crops and how late you have to spray.

With crops that, later in the season, grow into a bigger vegetative mass that intrudes into the tramlines, rowcrop sprayer tyres can be a must-have. CEAT Spraymax VF rowcrop sprayer tyres are specially designed for self-propelled sprayers. The VF carcase design means they are engineered to carry 40% more load than a standard radial, or the same load as a standard radial at 40% lower pressures, giving you the choice between maximising productivity or soil protection. Having the narrowest possible footprint minimises crop damage but does not impact performance. The stepped lug design maximises grip and traction, while the Spraymax VF’s rounded shoulders minimise soil and crop damage. And when moving between fields and farms the centre tie bar provides excellent roadability for swift, smooth travel, while a higher NSD ensures longer life, giving you a tyre that’s durable and built to last.

So when next scouring the web for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, or reading sprayer tyres’ price lists, consider the merits of specialist sprayer tyres , and what each could bring to your crops, your fields and your farming operation. An upgrade may well be worthwhile, bringing big benefits to your benefits.