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A quick guide to different tractor tyres, sizes and recommendations

Mon, 21 Mar 2022 | PRODUCTS


If you’re looking for new tractor tyres, before you look online for ‘tractors tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’, or start scanning tractor tyres’ price lists, it’s worth refreshing your knowledge of the ever-evolvingand potentially bewildering world of different tractor tyre types, sizes and configurations.

Tractor tyre size codes

All tyres have an embossed code on their sidewalls which describes their sizing, including the rim diameter they will fit, their section width and their profile. A710/75 R42 tyre has a width of 710mm wide, and you will generally be able to fit tractor tyres that match the rim width of your tractor wheels. Modern tractor tyres, though, do give a greater element of flexibility here, with designs that spread the width of the tyre’s ground contact patch beyond the wheel rim width.

The second figure describes the sidewall profile height, from the bead of the tractor tyre to the point where the tread begins, and it is expressed as a percentage of that width. For this particular tractor tyre size, therefore, it is 75% of the710mm figure, which is 532.5mm. The higher the number, the more the length of tractor tyre contact with the ground, but when selecting new tractor tyres you must ensure the profile will fit beneath the mudguards of your tractor.

The third figure, the R number, represents the rim diameter, but historical, international standards mean this is measured in inches rather than millimetres. This is own of the most important figures when selecting a new tyre, as this number must match the diameter of the wheels of your tractor.

Different tractor tyre design types: standard, increased flexion and very high flexion

Standard tractor tyres are often fine for most tasks, and usually sufficient for general farm work, grassland jobs and ordinary road travel. However, if your tractor is a high-horsepower model that spends a lot of time on field tasks such as cultivation, and also has to travel frequently on the road for long distances between fields, increased or very high flexion tractor tyres should be considered. Specially-design sidewalls mean increased flexion (IF) tractor tyre types can bear 20% higher loads at the same recommended operating pressure, or the same load at 20% lower pressure.At these lower pressures, the tractor tyre footprint becomes wider and longer, thereby spreading the load over a greater surface area and reducing overall ground pressure.

With very high flexion tractor tyres, the principle is the same, but a development of the design principles means their additional capacity is double that of increased flexion types, and they can carry 40% higher loads at the same operating pressure or the same load at 40% lower pressures. If your tractor spends most of its time on primary and secondary cultivations and crop establishment, and frequent movements between fields and roads IF or VF tractor tyres are worth considering to minimise soil damage.

Specialist options are available for specialist demands.

If your tractor is a high-horsepower machine and/or has high-speed capability, consider tractor tyres designed to match, such as the CEAT Farmax HPT. These tractor tyres feature specially-designed lug patterns reinforced with base grooves that providing higher strength at higher speeds and horsepower/torque loadings. A high denier textile casing and sidewall rubber compound also help here. Reinforced bead construction with higher bead-to-bead distance enhances load bearing and eases fitment. You might also consider the CEAT Torquemax, designed to ensure constant and smooth transfer of torque to the ground. And if a great deal of rowcrop and/or spraying work is in your tractor’s workload, CEAT also offers SprayMax spray tyre options.

This is just a quick guide to different tractor tyres, sizes and recommendations. Before you scan the web for ‘tractors tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’, or compare tractor tyres’ price lists, bear these points in mind and consult with CEAT Specialty or one of its dealers for advice on the best tractor tyres to suit your machine and its workload.