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How to get the best results from your tractor tyres

Tue, 19 Jul 2022 | PRODUCTS


A new set of tractor tyres represents a considerable investment – probably one of the largest you will make in your tractor over its lifetime. To get the most out of your machine and the fuel you put into it – which itself has risen considerably in price in recent months – there are a few things you can do to get the best results from your tractor tyres. And, of course, getting the most from them will mean you can hold off as long as possible from having to peruse tractor tyre price lists and search the web for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ and ‘tractor tyres near me’.

To get the best performance from your tractor tyres, the first consideration – as with so many areas of tractor tyre upkeep, including safety and longevity – should be the pressures at which they are operated. Transfer of the tractor’s power to the ground will be inefficient if tractor tyres are run above or below their recommended pressure, affecting not only safety but also performance and efficacy, as well as fuel use.


Tractor tyres operated at below their recommended pressures will not effectively transfer engine power to the ground, due to greater sidewall flexing than the tyres are designed to provide at their correct pressures. In turn, this affects the point at which the tyre tread resistance moves against the ground. The result? Wasted fuel and a drop in tractor tyre efficacy.

On the other hand, tractor tyres operated at pressures above the maximum recommended by the manufacturer will also produce less than optimal performance, because as they tractor tyre carcase expands with greater than the recommended amount of air, the amount of tread in contact with the field (or other) surface will shrink. On the road, you will also find that braking performance will be reduced due to the reduced tread-to-tarmac ground contact, causing potential issues for the brakes themselves, the tractor tyres and potentially the safety of the operator and other road users.

Ground conditions   

Modern tractor tyres are engineered to cope with a wide range of conditions, gripping the ground and self-cleaning regardless of the soil type and moisture level.  However, the best results when working with any type of tractor tyre – and any type of implement operated by the tractor – tend to come when the soils on which the tractor is working are in sound condition. Working on soils that are very wet runs the risk of wheelslip, wasting fuel and smearing the ground, causing soil structure damage that can have lasting effects. Conversely, while very dry and hard soil conditions are not in themselves detrimental to tractor and tractor tyre performance, the best results from tractor tyres tend to be achieved in circumstances where there is sufficient moisture in the soil surface that the ground moves slightly against the tractor tyres when the tractor passes over/through its upper profile, ensuring a level of soil resistance that provides sound transfer of power from the engine through the transmission to the ground via the tractor tyres.

Regular checks

Ensure you make a through check of the condition of your tractor’s tyres on a regular basis. Beyond the aforementioned pressure checks, that means examining the tractor tyre carcases around their circumference and on each sidewall for cracks and splits, removing any foreign objects that have embedded in the surface of the rubber before they can do serious damage. This will ensure they give the best results and performance over the long term, and do not become compromised by sustaining serious permanent damage.

Given the serious investment that is a new set of tractor tyres, taking good care of those tractor tyres represents the best way to get the best performance from them, and maximise the return on your tractor tyre investment, as well as the diesel you put into your machine. Follow these few things you can do to get the best results from your tractor tyres will help hold off as long as possible from having to peruse tractor tyre price lists and search the web for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ and ‘tractor tyres near me’.