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Five Flaws To Watch Out For When Buying Tractor Tyres

Tue, 6 Dec 2022 | PRODUCTS


A simple trap to fall into when searching for a new set of tractor tyres – often most easily done today via internet searches for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ before comparing tractor tyres’ prices lists – is to make a hurried decision based on price or perceived quality. Not all tractor tyres are the same, though…

Not selecting the right tractor tyre design for your workload

For many modern tractor applications, radial designs, which are constructed around the circumference of the tractor tyre, offer the best combination of traction, comfort and flexibility when it comes to selecting new tractor tyres. This is particularly true of your tractor carries out a lot of field operations on the land and is often used on the road. Here, radials such as CEAT Torquemax and Farmax tractor tyres will be your best option, providing long tyre life, good roadability, reduced soil compaction and superior traction. However, there are circumstances where the simpler construction and resulting lower cost of a cross-ply or bias tractor tyre design such as the Farmax R1 or AS R1 will suffice – for example, if your tractor works primarily on yard tasks, such as with a mixer wagon on a cattle enterprise, or a straw chopper on a pig unit.

Not choosing the right tyre sizes for your tractor

This is about more than simply ensuring that you pick the same diameter, section width and profile tractor tyres that your tractor was fitted with previously. You do need to ensure your new tractor tyres match the diameter of your tractor’s wheels, but it may well be possible to change the section width and profile of the tractor tyres you are looking to replace, to give you a longer, slightly wider footprint that gives your tractor more traction and enhanced flotation. If you are seeking these attributes, consult your tractor’s operator’s manual, your tractor dealer and your tyre dealer to determine whether a tractor tyre size upgrade may be possible.

Not ensuring your tractor tyres give you field/road flexibility where this is important/valuable

The introduction a few years ago of increased flexion (IF) and very high flexion (VF) tractor tyre carcase designs means that one of the biggest mistakes farmers and contractors can make when selecting new tractor tyres is not investigating the potential benefits offered by such designs. With IF tractor tyres, it is possible to carry a 20% greater payload than with the same-sized tractor tyres of standard construction. Alternatively, it is possible to operate at the same payload but at tractor tyre pressures 20% lower than the recommended ones, lengthening and slightly widening the tractor tyre footprint and hence reducing ground pressure. With VF tyres, the 20% figures double to 40%.

Not selecting a tread design that matches the conditions in which you most often work

Working in wet soils is thankfully not as common a requirement for tractors as it once was, thanks to greater work capacity and more awareness of the need to minimise coil damage, Tractors that work mostly in firm, dry conditions – perhaps those used mostly on summertime grain hauling or hay/silage making, or chiefly on concrete livestock yards – do not have especially complex tractor tyre requirements when it comes to tread design. However, those that work on arable cultivation tasks, or perhaps on root crop or maize silage haulage, for example – have very different needs. In this situation a tractor tyre’s self-cleaning characteristics are important. Look also for a lower angle at shoulder that helps maximise traction, a wide tread and large inner volume to minimise soil compaction. In addition, ensure the tread pattern is designed to squeeze out soil from the profile as the tractor tyre rotates.

Not ensuring you investigate who is who in the market

The tractor tyre market is changing all the time, with some makers choosing to withdraw, others deciding to sell their ag businesses to other manufacturers, and established firms from other parts of the world making bold moves into new markets for them, such as Europe. It will pay to research and investigate just who is who before you next purchase some tractor tyres, as some brands may now not be owned by the original manufacturer, while other, newer names in the European sector may well be worth investigating, to ensure you make an informed decision and obtain the best products and best price for your needs.

These are five of the common flaws for farmers to fall foul of when buying new tractor tyres. Before you next start searching for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ and comparing tractor tyres’ prices lists, ensure you give them some thought, and you should end up with tractor tyres that make a difference to your tractor and your farm business.