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Guide To Tractor Tyre Maintenance

Mon, 27 Dec 2021 | PRODUCTS


Regular checks and maintenance are an essential part of keeping your tractor performing effectively in the field and safely on the road. The same goes for your tractor tyres, so following simple upkeep and care points can help them perform productively and ensure long life. Bear these in mind once your purchases are installed after completing your search for ‘tractor tyres near me’ and looking through tractor tyres for sale and tractor tyres price lists.

Check pressures regularly

Operating tractor tyres at the correct pressure per the manufacturer’s recommendation and according to the load they are bearing is possibly the most critical part of tractor tyre maintenance. At too high a pressure, the ride will be uncomfortable on hard surfaces such as tarmac, with shocks transferred more harshly to the tractor itself, while in the field, traction will be compromised as there may be fewer tread lugs engaging with the soil. Low pressures can damage the tractor tyre sidewall as it flexes, potentially causing cracking of the carcase and impacting handling when travelling at speed on the road, which can be extremely dangerous. Fuel consumption will also be higher. Therefore, pressure checks should be a central part of regular maintenance, particularly if the tractor has stood for a while. If your tractor will be parked for a considerable length of time, start it regularly and move it forwards or backwards a few inches to prevent flat spots.

Observe the pattern and level of tyre wear

If your tractor’s front tyres are wearing unevenly across their tread profile, this is likely to have been incurred during road travel. Swapping the tractor tyres from one side to the other will help even out the wear over the tractor tyres’ lifetime. However,to address the cause, you should consult your tractor’s operator’s manual and adjust the tracking as instructed, ensuring the front wheels are parallel. If your tractor is regularly used for work with a front implement or with a front loader, or if often fitted with front weights even when not needed, front tractor tyre wear will be increased. Consider removing weights when not required.

Examine the carcase fordamage

An essential part of daily maintenance is examining each tractor tyre for cuts, splits and wear. Check both sidewalls of each tyre and examine the areas between each lug, as well as the lugs themselves. Should you spot any puncture material such as stones, flints or metal items already embedded in the tyre carcase, assess how deeply the object is implanted before deciding if it can be removed safely. If it cannot, consult your agricultural tractor tyre specialist for advice on whether a repair is possible.

Check wheel rim condition

If you frequently navigate potholed roads and/or work in challenging ground conditions, not only can the sidewalls of your tractor tyres be subject to damage, but so can the wheel rims, with serious potential consequences for the integrity of the bead, where the tyre meets the rim. Examine therims regularly for signs of damage and the wheel centres for cracks caused by repeated impacts. Clean the wheels after completing jobsin wet or dusty conditions to prevent rust formation and dirt ingress into the bead area.

Keep wheel nuts tight

Make sure all wheel nuts are checked daily for tightness, ideally using a torque wrench to ensure the correct torque level is achieved when tightening each nut. Check – and, if necessary, tighten – opposing nuts to ensure the wheels are secured in alignment. Loose wheel nuts can be a safety hazard, particularly at speed on the road, but can also cause wheel damage over time. Consider investing in some wheel nut security indicators. Lightly greasing the threads on both nuts and studsis advisable when reinstalling a wheel/tractor tyre after service or tractor tyre repair.

Ensure mounted implements are lowered when the tractor is parked

As well as being a safety-first measure, ensuring you place mounted implements on the ground when the tractor is parked will minimise undue pressure on your tractor’s tyres. Do the same with a front loader, if fitted.

Following these maintenance points will ensure you get the maximum performance from your tractor tyres. Try to remember them once your search for ‘tractor tyres near me’ is complete and you have searched ‘tractor tyres for sale’ and ‘tractor tyres price lists’.