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Tractor Tyre Choices: Expectations vs Reality

Wed, 14 Dec 2022 | PRODUCTS


Very often, scanning through the internet for tractor tyres for sale, perhaps after making a typical search for ‘tractor tyres near me’ and then checking through tractor tyres price lists, results in a shortlist of tractor tyres that are marketed as offering design and construction features that will benefit your business. The reality, though, can sometimes be different. So how can you pick out tractor tyres that really do offer something that will help provide a return on investment?


Expectation: all modern tractor tyres will give a smooth road ride

Reality: not all tractor tyre designs incorporate proven road-specific features

If your tractor does a lot of road travel and haulage, good road-handling characteristics are essential. Pick tractor tyres that are good in the field but not on the road, and you may regret it. CEAT radial tractor tyres such as the Farmax and flagship Torquemax ranges are designed with ‘roadability’ in mind – that is they are designed specifically to provide both stability and ride comfort at speed. A higher tread angle and broad lug overlap at the centre are the key features that create this ideal handling. And with modern farming involving more road travel as farms grow larger, you should expect your new tractor tyres to offer these qualities. The reality – CEAT integrates them into its radial designs.

Expectation: all modern tractor tyres offer the best possible tractive capabilities

Reality: some tractor tyre designs feature characteristics that positively enhance traction

Not all tractors work in loose, perhaps wet soils where high levels of tractive performance are important. If, for example, your tractor spends most of its time operating a diet feeder or straw chopper around a concrete yard, tractive characteristics may not be as important as others, such as low cost and hard-wearing tread, and simple, standard tractor tyres – perhaps radial, but possibly lower-cost cross-ply/bias types – may well suffice. If your expectation is tractor tyres that will help your tractor pull soil-engaging implements easily in tough soils, look to radial tractor tyre types and  seek features such as a wide angle at the shoulder, which enhances traction, and a rounded shoulder which minimise soil and crop damage. A wide tread and large inner volume will also help reduce soil compaction.

Expectation: long-established big-name brands are the only route to high quality

Reality: many names have changed hands, and are being challenged by newer brands in Europe

Many of the long-established big names in the international tractor tyre market have changed hands over recent years, and others have licensed their names to other manufacturers. That means you may not get the same type of product from a brand that you did just a few years ago. CEAT has had stable ownership for over 40 years, having become part of India’s RPG Group, one of the country’s biggest businesses, in 1982. Since then it has developed a presence in over 120 countries, and in recent years following its entry into the UK agricultural tyre market has rapidly become a well-recognised name here.

Expectation and reality can be two very different things before and after purchasing tractor tyres. A little research into manufacturers, brands and tractor tyre designs can soon pay off when you are browsing for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’, and searching tractor tyres price lists.