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Five Tips To Get The Most From Your Tractor Tyres

Wed, 19 Oct 2022 | PRODUCTS


A new set of tractor tyres represents a considerable investment in your tractor, but choosing carefully and then operating your tractor and its tractor tyres with attention to detail should help mean that investment is soon returned in the form of good tractor performance and maximum tractor tyre life. So once you have invested time in searching for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ and scanning tractor tyres’ price lists, follow these tips to get the most from your tractor tyres.

Choose carefully in the first place

It is very difficult get the most from tractor tyres unsuited to the work they are being asked to do, and this means any list of tips of this nature begins with tractor tyre selection. Ensure that, when you choose a new set of tractor tyres, you take into account not only your budget, but also the type of work the tractor is asked to perform and the intensity of its workload. For example, simple and low-cost cross-ply/bias tractor tyres may work well for a tractor that works around a concrete dairy yard with a feeder and/or loader. You will get much better performance from a tractor that works mainly on field tasks if you fit radial tractor tyres.

Operate your tractor tyres at the correct pressures – check them daily

This point appears in every advice feature on tyres of any sort – and with good reason. With tractor tyres, there are not only the usual issues of vehicle safety – too low and the tyre can dismount from the rim; too high and steering and braking will be compromised. In addition, tractor tyres operated below recommended pressures will be subject to unwanted carcase flexing, potentially moving on the rim and damaging the tyre. They will also result in failure of full transfer of power from the wheel to the tractor tyre bead. Conversely, tractor tyres operated at above recommended pressures will wear faster on the road and compact the soil in the field. To get the most from your tractor tyres, operate them at the correct pressures and check them daily.

Examine your tractor tyres before work

Beyond checking the pressures, a quick but thorough examination of your tractor tyres before work will benefit both safety and performance. While the benefits for the former are obvious – early identification of any damage etc – there are also performance gains to be had by ensuring any issue is identified before it can become an issue in the middle of work, halting operations, putting jobs at the mercy of the weather and potentially holding up other tasks. To get the most from your tractor tyres, check their condition as well as their pressures.

Take care with your braking

With modern tractors operating at at least 40 or even as fast as 70km/hr, modern tractor tyres are subject to very different influences than tractor tyres operating on older tractors capable of only 30km/hr. Tractor tyre design has evolved to match these speeds, but the way the driver operates the tractor will have a big influence on getting the most from tractor tyres that are frequently operated on the road. Judging braking becomes much more important, to ensure that it takes place in plenty of time to avoid heavy speed reduction and consequent tractor tyre heat build-up and potential degradation of the tread.

Try to avoid potholes where possible

Tractor tyres are built tough, with companies such as CEAT Specialty investing millions in research, development, design and materials. However, it pays to avoid unnecessary exposure to risk where possible. Roads with poor surfaces and edges can damage tractor tyre treads in extreme situations, particularly if severe potholes are struck at speed. Read the road ahead carefully to protect your tractor tyres.

Following these five points will help you get the greatest return on your investment in new tractor tyres, through the best possible performance of your tractor and its tractor tyres. And all of this will maximise the time before you next have to think about searching for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ and scanning tractor tyres’ price lists.