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Why Invest In Radial Trailer Tyres?

Sat, 2 Jul 2022 | PRODUCTS


When seeking new trailer tyres , often nowadays done via internet searches for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, and then perhaps studying trailer tyres’ price lists, it’s worth weighing the additional cost of radial trailer tyre designs against the benefits they offer over bias/cross-ply trailer tyres.

 While ‘super single’ trailer tyres similar to those used on lorries and trucks were once a common farm trailer tyre fitment, offering hard-wearing and high load-bearing characteristics but being unforgiving on fields surfaces, today there is a great deal more choice available when it comes to renewing trailer tyres. CEAT Specialty produces ranges of both cross-ply and radial trailer tyres, each with a number of characteristics that have a place according to the trailer’s primary applications and use.

Because radial trailer tyres, like other types of radial tyre, are constructed around the circumference of the tire, rather than cross-sectionally from side to side as with cross-ply or bias tyres, they offer a number of advantages. While these are not as critical as they might be with a powered vehicle, where steering and power transfer to the ground are key issues, radial construction still offers a number of benefits over cross-ply when it comes to trailer tyres.

In the CEAT Specialty range, these benefits include higher traction and an enhanced ride from trailer tyres such as the Floatmax RT radials, ensuring the trailer’s weight is transferred into good field and road-holding, keeping it firmly under the control of the tractor. CEAT Floatmax RT design also incorporates robust centre blocks that minimise trailer tyre noise at speed by ensuring smooth running on hard surfaces.

As well as on-road benefits, there are also in-field advantages to radial trailer tyre construction. Here, a flatter crown width creates a larger footprint, and this means ground contact area is maximised, minimising soil compaction. The more flexible carcase characteristics inherent in radial trailer tyre design also help in this respect, while the pattern of inter-connected grooves in the trailer tyre tread also flexes more than that on a cross-ply trailer tyre, creating a self-cleaning capability. The same benefits of tyre carcase movement also apply to the rounded shoulders of the Floatmax RT design, helping limit soil and crop damage. And there is even a puncture-resistance benefit to the radial trailer tyre design, with the Floatmax RT’s steel-belted construction protecting the tyre against ingress of puncture material.

In situations where your trailer is required to work on loose field surfaces, CEAT Floatmax FT radial trailer tyres may suit your trailer’s workload better. The directional lugs of their tread provide even greater traction, stability, grip and flotation, and this in turn minimises soil compaction, helping maximise crop root development and growth. Meanwhile, a robust centre block provides enhanced stability and road handling, while a wider and flatter crown improves flotation.

So when the time comes to put new trailer tyres on your shopping list, and you sit down to search for ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’ and peruse trailer tyres’ price lists, consider these benefits of radial trailer tyres over cross-ply/bias types. The additional cost is likely to soon be returned.