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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Tractor Tyres

Tue, 18 Oct 2022 | PRODUCTS


Tractor tyres can seem on the surface to be largely similar, doing a basic job of transferring engine power via the tractor’s transmission to the ground. But dig a little deeper and there is much more to the intricacies of individual tractor tyre types that makes each particularly appropriate to certain roles and situations. Before you next start searching for a new set of tractor tyres – maybe by typing ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ into a search engine, or perusing tractor tyres price lists, consider these points to help you make the right choice of tractor tyre.

What’s right for your tractor

Firstly, it’s most important to determine the right size of tractor tyres for your tractor. This is top of any list, and unless this is properly determined, the next point on this list is largely irrelevant. The rim diameters of your tractor’s front and rear wheels will be the key governor of the size of tractor tyres with which it can be fitted. This is not just because of the fact it is obviously impossible to fit a tractor tyre with a small rim aperture onto a large rim, but also because your tractor will have been designed in such a way that its transmission gearing is designed to work with particular wheel rim/tractor tyre diameters. Ensure you understand what these are, or you could damage your tractor’s transmission.

What’s right for your work

Your tractor’s workload will be a significant factor in the right tyres for it. Does it spend much of its times working on concrete, perhaps in a dairy, pig or poultry unit, with little road travel or field work? Then cross-ply/bias tyres are likely to be the best option, particularly if working with a front loader. If your tractor spends much of its time in the field pulling draft implements, though, radial tractor tyres offer multiple advantages, including enhanced traction, reduced soil damage and greater ride comfort.

What’s right for your land type

If you have decided that cross-ply/bias tractor tyres are sufficient for your needs, CEAT Specialty Farmax R1 tyres are well-suited to tough land such as hill and mountain grassland, with a triple angle lug for enhanced traction and a high centre lug overlap and tie bar for improved stability. However, if your land type is more lowland arable or grassland, then radial tractor tyres such as the CEAT Torquemax and Farmax, with their greater carcase flexibility and enhanced soil/crop care tread design, will invariably be more suitable.

What’s right for your budget

There are many different makes and models of tractor tyre on the market. Some are long-established premium makers, others are newer name son the global scene. The right tractor tyres for your needs may not necessarily be the most expensive or the cheapest, and they may not come from a name you know well. Take time to investigate more about a brand you perhaps don’t know so well – their history, commitment to agriculture and product feature and quality may surprise you. If that brand is CEAT Specialty, contact us or your tractor tyre dealer and we will be happy to show you more.

Choosing the right tractor tyres is critical to the performance of your tractor, your farm’s use of fuel, and the production of your crops and livestock, as well as the care of your soils. Before your next searching for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ and wading through tractor tyres price lists, bear in mind the points above to help you make the best tractor tyre choice for your farm and situation.