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Why Is It Important To Ensure Your Tractor Is Fitted With The Correct Size Of Tractor Tyres?

Fri, 12 Aug 2022 | PRODUCTS


Tractor tyres provide the connection that enables a machine’s abilities – its power and precision and technical features – to be put to the ground, where the tractor’s work is to be done, turning fuel into traction to aid the production of food, fuel and more in the most economic way possible. Choose the wrong size tractor tyres for your machine, though, and you will fail to get the most out of it. So next time you need new tractor tyres, before you begin looking through tractor tyres price lists, or searching online for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’, bear in mind the advice below.

Transmission damage

If the tractor tyres fitted to your machine are not of a size approved by your tractor’s manufacturer, they may not match its gearing. Larger or smaller tractor tyres than the tractor was designed to operate with  – the minimum and maximum speeds at which it is intended to work in each gear. This can occur if the tractor tyres are either too small or too large in diameter, regardless of whether they fit the wheel rim diameter.

Correct ratio of front to rear tractor tyre size

Not only is it important to ensure the tractor tyres you fit are compatible with the rims on each axle, and with the tractor manufacturer’s specifications, but you should also ensure that the front/rear tractor tyre size combination is approved by the tractor manufacturer. On a four-wheel drive tractor, a front tractor tyre size that isn’t matched in proportion to the size of tractor tyres used on the rear axle can lead to wind-up of the transmission when 4wd is engaged, potentially causing serious internal damage. Consult your tractor’s operator’s manual or your dealer to ensure you understand the possible front/rear tyre size combinations, should you choose to change them.

Tractor performance

The correct/ideal tractor tyre sizes for your tractor will obviously have a significant impact on its performance. The best possible sizes, formats and combinations for the tractor and its primary work tasks will help to minimise wheelslip (so saving fuel), maximise pulling power (with benefits for work rates, daily output and timeliness of operations) and ultimately reduce operating costs.

Rim size and tyre profile matter – width not so much

Rim diameter, the third (R) figure in a tyre’s sizing code, is the first figure that’s critical in tractor tyre selection, as any new tractor tyres must fit onto the existing wheels. The second figure – the tyre’s profile height as a percentage of the width – is also important, as tyres with a larger profile than those originally fitted – perhaps being considered to put a longer footprint and more tractive power on the ground – may not fit under mudguards. Where there is often scope for greater flexibility is in tractor tyre section width.  A tyre with a wider footprint may help you get more power on the ground – although the overall width of the tractor should still be considered.


Next time you need new tractor tyres, take these points into consideration before making your decision. They could help save a lot of that precious time spent searching online for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’, or studying tractor tyres price lists.