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The importance of sprayer tyres’ non-skid depth (NSD) in long tyre life

Thu, 26 May 2022 | PRODUCTS


If you are searching for new sprayer tyres for a self-propelled machine – and the easiest way to do this today is probably by searching the internet for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’ before you begin scanning sprayer tyres’ price lists – then non-skid depth is an important consideration. Read on to find out why.

Non-skid depth (NSD) is the term that essentially describes the depth of a tyre’s tread. On a tarmac-travelling vehicle such as a car or a truck, this factor relates to the complex tread pattern that governs how well the tyre can channel away water when travelling on a wet surface. However, with any type of tractor tyre or sprayer tyre that has a chevron-style tread designed to grip and provide traction primarily on field surfaces, the primary problem with a low non-skid depth is that it means reduced power transfer from the machine’s transmission to the ground, thereby reducing traction and fuel efficiency.

On self-propelled sprayers, many of which use hydrostatic transmissions, can work on wet soils and may be required to work on hilly land, it can also mean a lack of grip that is especially dangerous, particularly on slopes. Once a tyre’s tread is worn away, then it loses the ability to engage positively with the field or road surface beneath it. If it has a low non-skid depth to begin with, then this can happen surprising quickly, particularly if the sprayer is required to travel a lot of road miles at full speed on tarmac, which can result in high tyre temperatures and premature wear.

This is why investing in sprayer tyres such as CEAT’s Spraymax VF, which have a high non-skid depth, will give you maximum life and performance over the period you own your self-propelled sprayer. Because the tread is designed with highly-durable, hard-wearing compounds, Spraymax sprayer tyres high non-skid depth is one of the characteristics that gives the sprayer tyres maximum longevity, which as a result minimises the sprayer running costs over the lifetime of the machine.

A high non-skid depth, though, is just one tread characteristic you should look for when seeking new sprayer tyres. CEAT Specialty Spraymax sprayer tyres, for example, feature a stepped lug design, which is proven to provide better grip and traction, and that will be a benefit across a range of soil types, moistures and land topographies. Meanwhile, the rounded shoulders of the carcase mean less soil and crop damage. The Spraymax design provides better road performance too – vital for getting from field-to-farm and field-to-field faster. The tyres’ centre tie bar gives superior roadability – and that high NSD ensures durability and maximum lifetime. And with VF (very high flexion) technology, you can carry 40% more load than a standard radial, or the same load as a standard radial at 40% lesser pressure.

While many self-propelled sprayers do a lifetime’s work on one set of sprayer tyres, if you have a choice of tyres for a new self-propelled sprayer or require replacements for the sprayer tyres on your existing machine or a used sprayer purchase, make sure you consider the non-skid depth of the sprayer tyres you are considering. This factor will have a big influence on your sprayer tyres’ lifetime, ensuring it will be a good while before you next have to search the internet for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, or start scanning sprayer tyres’ price lists.