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How to choose the right trailer tyres for the loads you haul

Wed, 9 Nov 2022 | PRODUCTS


When it comes to sourcing replacement trailer tyres, the array of different makes, models, construction types and descriptions among those on the market can be bewildering. The type of load you work with, its density, the frequency of your haulage activities, the speeds at which you haul and the surfaces on which your trailer predominantly works should all influence your trailer tyre choice. Before you begin searching the internet for ‘trailer tyres near me’ or ‘trailer tyres for sale’ and looking through trailer tyres price lists, use the points below to help you choose the right trailer tyres for the loads you haul.

Root crops

Because they tend to be operating on bare soils and often at the wettest time of year, trailers used to haul root and vegetable crops from harvesters need flotation tyres that can help cushion the impact of heavy loads on the land, to minimise rutting, compaction and the chance of trailers getting stuck. If you need your trailers to unload root or vegetable crop harvesters on the move in potentially sticky conditions, equipping them with trailer tyres such as the CEAT Floatmax FT will help ease transport and protect your soils.

radial floatation tyres are especially suited to trailers used for root crop haulage as they offer a firm grip on loose surface conditions, with directional lugs that afford superior traction, while a wider and flatter crown ensures better floatation. For operations that also involve a lot of road haulage, a robust centre block offers enhanced stability and roadability.

Maize silage

With a larger footprint and a flatter crown width that minimises compaction, CEAT Floatmax RT radial trailer tyres are especially suited to operations such as maize silage haulage. Rounded shoulders help minimise soil damage, while a steel belted carcase helps protect against potential puncture damage from stubbles such as maize stalks. And for hauling maize from the farm to the farm/clamp, Floatmax RT trailer tyre tread features a pattern of interconnected grooves for enhanced self-cleaning and robust centre blocks that ensure smooth running and generate low noise levels on hard surfaces.

Grain and grass

For hauling combinable crops and grass silage, a trailer will be working on a firmer soil surface. While self-cleaning characteristics are perhaps not quite so essential, trailers in this situation nevertheless still require trailer tyres that spread the trailer’s weight across as much as possible of the field surface, helping to minimise compaction. This is particularly important where, for example, the grass is a long-term ley or pasture, and there will be no immediate opportunity to try and rectify any compaction. The rounded shoulders of Floatmax RT trailer tyres lessen the trailer tyre impact on the soil, while the steel belted carcase helps the trailer tyre resist ingress of puncture material such as sharp stones when hauling at speed on field tracks. On the road, meanwhile, the centre blocks of the tread keep the trailer running smoothly and minimise tyre noise, minimising driver fatigue.


If your trailer is most commonly used to haul a general commodity for farm maintenance, such as rubble to make and mend farm tracks, for example, lower-cost cross-ply trailer tyres may be right for the loads you move. As an example, the CEAT T422 Value Pro cross-ply/bias flotation tyre comes at a lower cost while still providing a larger volume and footprint to cushion heavy loads.

These are just a few examples of the right trailer tyres to suit the loads you may have to haul. There are others too, including a number of other cross-ply/bias flotation options. When next surfing the web for ‘trailer tyres near me’ or ‘trailer tyres for sale’ or looking through trailer tyres price lists, bear these points in mind to below to help you choose the right trailer tyres for the loads you haul.