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How to choose the best sprayer tyres for your needs

Mon, 25 Jul 2022 | PRODUCTS


Selecting new sprayer tyres for a self-propelled machine is often not a simple task, with a multitude of makes and types on the market offering different design features. Examining the characteristics of those differences, though, can help point you in the direction of sprayer tyres that will help boost your business’s bottom line. That should ease the path through your web search for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, and make scanning sprayer tyres price lists that bit simpler.

If you think about the value of the products they carry, and the environmental responsibility of keeping them safe, plus the need to protect both your crops and your soils, the importance of the sprayer tyres that connect your self-propelled sprayer with the soil cannot be underestimated. For all of the abilities of a modern sprayer, and of the crop protection and nutrition liquids it carries and applies, none can be put into practice without the sprayer tyres that provide the link between product, machine and land. Selecting the best sprayer tyres for your needs is therefore a particularly important task when you sit down to search the internet for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’. So how should you select the right sprayer tyres for your workload and tasks?

Different designs, different ground pressures

For larger farms, sprayer capacity and covering large areas when the weather is good is often the priority. However, others may prioritise the minimising of soil and crop damage that is inevitable to a certain extent when passing through a crop with a self-propelled sprayer. With well-chosen sprayer tyres, it is possible to benefit in both ways.

Very high flexion tyres such as the CEAT Spraymax VF can carry the same load at 40% lower pressures than standard tyres of the same size, widening and lengthening the tyre footprint. This spreads the sprayer’s weight over a greater contact patch, and therefore reduces ground pressure, helping minimise soil compaction. In turn, this aids plant growth through better root development, and cuts the fuel and steel resources required to rectify any compaction before the next crop.

Greater load-bearing capability

A further benefit of very high flexion (VF) tyre carcase technology particularly beneficial in improving the performance of your sprayer is their greater load-bearing capability. CEAT Spraymax VF sprayer tyres incorporate sidewalls that are strong yet flexible in a way which means they can bear 40% more load than a comparable standard radial of the same size operating at the same pressure. For farmers and contractors seeking greater efficiencies by upgrading to a sprayer with greater tank capacity, hence cutting the number of times a day they need to refills, such VF sprayer tyres help boost productivity by minimising non-spraying time.

Does tread design make a difference?

Farmers and contractors who work on hilly or steep land should take particular note of tread characteristics designed to promote maximum grip and self-cleaning. The stepped lug in the tread of Spraymax VF sprayer tyres format is designed to bite into the soil surface and give secure traction in all conditions and soils, regardless of land gradient. Spraymax VF sprayer tyres also incorporate rounded shoulders that minimise crop damage.

What about travelling between fields?

With farms growing larger, many self-propelled sprayers spend an increasing amount of time on the road between fields and farms, making on-road characteristics almost as important as in-field ones. A centre tie bar on CEAT Spraymax VF sprayer tyres is designed to ensure lumps and bumps on the road are smoothed out, so full use can be made of maximum speeds. A high non-skid depth, meanwhile, ensures durability and maximises sprayer tyre life.

CEAT Spraymax VF sprayer tyres can be specified in sizes from VF-380/90 R 46 to VF-480/80 R 50 – but cdhoosing the right sprayer tyre is about much more than the correct size. Think about these points when next searching for ‘sprayer tyres for sale’ or ‘sprayer tyres near me’, or scanning a sprayer tyres price list, and they will help you make the best choice of sprayer tyres to suit your workload.