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Everything You Need To Know About Buying Tractor Tyres

Mon, 27 Dec 2021 | PRODUCTS


When your tractor tyres need renewing, many factors can make selecting replacements a daunting task. There is a wide variety of manufacturers, brand names, types and sizes on the market when searching for tractor tyres for sale, seeking ‘tractor tyres near me’ or consulting a tractor tyres price list. But it’s essential to base your decision on more than tractor tyre price alone. Here are a few things worth remembering when buying tractor tyres.

Understanding tractor tyre sizing code is essential

Tractor tyres, like those for other machines, are stamped with a code that deno5tes their sizing. For example, a 650/65 R42 tyre is 650mm wide and has a profile height of 65% of that 650mm, or 422.5mm. It can be mounted only on wheel rims of 42in diameter.

There is a big difference between standard, increased flexion and very high flexion tyres

Compared with standard tractor tyres , their unique sidewall design means increased flexion (IF) tractor tyre types can carry 20% higher loads at the same operating pressure or the same load at 20% lower pressures. Very high flexion tractor tyres take this a stage further, offering double the capability of increased flexion types, meaning they can carry 40% higher loads at the same operating pressure or the same load at 40% lower pressures.Such tractor ti come at additional cost, but if much of your tractor work is on arable tasks, you are frequently moving between field and road and you want to minimize soil damage, the investment is worth considering.

You must not change the tractor tyre size without checking what is feasible

Most mid-sized agricultural tractors are fitted with wheels/rims 34in, 38in, 42in or 46in in diameter. The wheel rim diameter will be the first element that governs the size of tractor tyre you will purchase to fit your tractor. The final number in the tractor tyre sizing, the R number, will denote the wheel rim diameter in inches to which you can fit the tractor tyre. Unless you change the wheels on your tractor, which may not always be possible, you must stick with the R dimension of the tyres previously fitted to your machine. You must also ensure that the tractor tyre profile you choose – the second number in the tractor tyre sizing – will fit beneath the mudguard of your tractor. Sticking to the same tractor tyre profile as the tractor was previously fitted with will also ensure the gearing and speed of the tractor are not compromised. Remember that if you choose to fit wider tyres to increase contact area and therefore flotation, you may need to consider wider wheel rims to match.

You should purchase in pairs where possible

It may sometimes be necessary to purchase a new tyre to replace one irreparably damaged. However, the tractor tyres should ideally be replaced in pairson the same axle unless the opposing tractor tyre is relatively new. Replacing the tractor tyres in this way will ensure each tyre does an even amount of work when pulling hard, and the tractor’s grip is even across the axle.

It’s wise to buy from a dealer with specialist agricultural knowledge

Not every tyre dealer is a tractor tyre specialist or has employees who specialise in this area. While the basic principles of, for example, tyre fitting and inflation are similar, there are many differences between tyres for road use and tyres for tractor applications.

Manufacturer names and brands may change ownership

Takeovers, buy-outs and market entries/departures are all a natural part of the business. Check whether the name on the tractor tyres you are buying is that of the manufacturing business or a brand name. While the brand may be relatively new in Europe, some names, such as CEAT Specialty, have been part of the tractor tyre sector for decades.

These factors are well worth considering when you are next seeking tractor tyres for sale, doing an internet search for ‘tractor tyres near me’ or consulting a tractor tyres price list.