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Four Factors To Consider To Help You Choose The Right Tractor Tyres

Mon, 10 Oct 2022 | PRODUCTS


Choosing the right tractor tyres for your machine depends on multiple factors, but four in particular are especially important. Before searching for ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’, and looking through tractor tyres’ price lists, considering the four points below will help ensure the selection you make will provide your business with the best return.

Work type

Much of the decision-making process surrounding tractor tyre selection should be based on the type of work your tractor is expected to do. If your tractor spends much of its time on fieldwork, and travelling between fields, then radial tractor tyres will likely be the best option. Their greater carcase flexibility means they are kinder to the ground, minimising compaction, and better at absorbing shocks, maximising road comfort.  In addition, some radial designs, such as CEAT Torquemax tractor tyres, are available not only in standard format, but also in increased flexion (IF) and very high flexion (VF) designs. With IF tractor tyres, you gain the ability to operate at 20% lower pressures for the same load, so minimising field compaction, or can carry 20% more load at the same pressure, allowing you to boost your productivity. And with VF tractor tyres those figures rise to 40% in each case.

However, there are cases where simpler cross-ply/bias tractor tyres may suffice. Their more rigid carcase makes them well-suited to the front axles of tractors working with front-end loaders, while they also suit applications where the tractor is working mostly on concrete and rarely on the road or in the field, such as operating a cattle diet feeder.

Work frequency

Some tractors are used for intensive but short periods during the year – at hedgecutting time, for example, or ploughing/primary cultivations. Others may work throughout the calendar, but on lighter and less intensive duties. These factors will govern the type of tractor tyres most suited to your tractor and its workload. Tractors used for more hours on field tasks may warrant investment in higher-specification radial tractor tyres of IF or VF specification. The right tractor tyres for less intensive work, though, may be standard radial tractor tyres – or even cross-ply/bias types.

Road travel

Interlinked with the two points above, considering the amount of road travel you do with your tractor will also help you choose the right tractor tyres. If you are doing very few road miles – perhaps just short distances on minor roads between livestock units – then cross-ply/bias tractor tyres may well suffice. Beyond their in-field advantages such as better grip, radial tractor tyres also provide a much more comfortable ride for the operator. And with IF/VF radial designs you gain lower pressure/softer ride advantages, or greater load-bearing ability.


Cross-ply/bias tractor tyres are cheaper to design and manufacture, and therefore cheaper to buy. If you are working to a budget and seeking tractor tyres that will be particularly price-competitive size for size, then cross-ply types may provide the answer. However, the benefits of radial design – better grip, better comfort, greater fuel efficiency – mean that return on investment can be more beneficial to your business than simple cost saving.

These four factors are not the only ones to consider when buying new tractor tyres, but they are among the most important. To make your ‘tractor tyres for sale’ or ‘tractor tyres near me’ searches more targeted, consider these before beginning your ‘tractor tyre shopping’ and searching tractor tyres price lists.